Wednesday May 7, 2008

The results are in from the Broward citrus canker class-action lawsuit: $11.5 million to be split between several tens of thousand residents. It’s not clear how much each person/tree will get, because some have already gotten money, yadda yadda, but sounds like upper three digits to me. Good news for former citrus tree owners in other counties, where similar lawsuits are ongoing; bad news for the State (uhh, that would be us). Someone should start talking settlement, no?

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  1. squathole    Wed May 7, 03:19 PM #  

    As a homeowner who lost 3 trees to the arboreal assassins, I would settle for no more money than the $100 Wal-Mart certificate I already got (and used) in return for the public flogging of Sec Charles Bronson, the braying hinds who authored the pseudo-scientific study that enabled the tree-cutting policy, and any other elected and appointed officials who bent to the demands of the industry.

    I think 50 lashes apiece followed by an hour at the whipping post would do it.