Wednesday April 30, 2008

Blah, now I feel like throwing up: Studio A is closing. Why?? If a sharp and trendy live-music venue in a low-rent part of downtown can’t make it, what hope is there for this god-forsaken hell-hole of a town? (Translation: Now you have to go to Revolution in the-fort-that-dare-not-speak-its-name to see new national acts.) BLAH! Isn’t there a petition we can sign or something?



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  1. Manuel    Thu May 1, 01:16 AM #  

    Studio A? More like Studio Gay

  2. l'elk!    Thu May 1, 02:30 AM #  

    sad, yes, but when has a club in miami ever existed for an extended period of time? thats just how it goes around here.

  3. Mike aka mefx1    Thu May 1, 08:22 AM #  

    just great…one more reason to leave Miami and move to NY. Studio A was pretty much one of the few places in Miami where you can catch a decent act. Now the hunt for the next venue…

    i am deeply saddened. :(

  4. KidBass    Thu May 1, 08:59 AM #  

    “The problem was Studio A never seemed to have found its footing in area — the so-called “Park West” club district in and around NE 11th Street — increasingly dominated by an afterhours club scene. Several attempts were made to establish an afterhours party at the club, but without an outdoor space similar to that of Nocturnal or Space, all failed.”

    Pretty much sums up the reason why Studio A is closing. A club relies on their regular nights rather than shows, not saying the shows weren’t great.

  5. Concentric    Thu May 1, 09:43 AM #  

    “Within the first few weeks of being opened, the group wisely contacted a group of native Miamians that could add instant credibility to the venue, including Lara “Diamante” Coppola, Joshua Menendez, Carmel Ophir, Lauren “Lolo” Reskin, and Jose Ortiz’s Supermarket Creative Agency. Later through its run, other notable contributors included Diego Martinelli and Barbara Basti and Aramis Lorie of Poplife”

    Perhaps that was part of the problem, not ‘wise’ at all. When you see the same 8 people at every venue, why go out at all?

  6. KidBass    Thu May 1, 09:59 AM #  

    Completely agree with Concentric, add that to the pile of the many reasons.

  7. Duran    Thu May 1, 10:26 AM #  

    Concentric, you obviously didn’t go to Studio A when it first opened. Friday nights at Revolver you couldn’t move it was so packed because Supermarket did an amazing job of promoting it. After Supermarket left, the night suffered and things went downhill from there.

  8. Victor*    Thu May 1, 10:53 AM #  

    don’t know about concentric’s comment. i belive people went to see the live shows, not the promoters. as long as the performers were good, then who cares who brings them. i also think there was a lack of marketing and advertising for their shows, not enough was done. and the correct channels were not used to promote the events. they also needed to bring in bigger acts (BEFORE REVOLUTION & CULTURE ROOM)so the broward crowd could follow. a venue of live shows will not survive with dade county alone. besides that, unfortunately, the miami crowd lacks loyalty to any venue or live act!

  9. Superbee    Thu May 1, 11:25 AM #  


  10. Mike aka mefx1    Thu May 1, 01:00 PM #  

    i agree with victor…

    this sucks.

  11. Carolina    Thu May 1, 01:04 PM #  

    Aw, it’s sad, I had great times there. However, I agree that they need to bring larger acts/promote more aggressively. A venue the size of Studio A cannot survive on a weekly party alone; they only last a few months at a time. What a shame!

  12. JCR    Thu May 1, 01:34 PM #  

    The place lost touch with music bookings when Harrison left at the end of last summer. All props to him – there were maybe 5 interesting shows there since he left.

  13. Duran    Thu May 1, 01:51 PM #  

    Carolina they haven’t had a stable night there since Revolver left in early 2007. Fact is they weren’t aggressive enough in booking bigger shows – literally it could have stolen shows from Revolution and Culture Room with the right creative director.

  14. Roger L.    Thu May 1, 03:38 PM #  

    In other news, does anyone know the latest with the LiveNation taking over the amphitheater in Bayfront Park?

  15. Lolo    Thu May 1, 09:02 PM #  

    I knew the haters would be all over this one, so I gotta put my 2 cents in here… Yes, it’s extremely sad that Studio A is for sale, but everyone should REALLY be more appreciative toward what Studio A did in it’s time in Miami. Do you guys know how hard and expensive it is to run a damn venue? Even in a “low-rent” part of town it’s still an uphill climb all the way.

    The only rightful comparison of Miami to a hell-hole is that geographically, we’re far as hell south, which makes it hard as hell to get these bastard booking agents to send bands all the way down here. With gas prices going through the roof, it’s not going to be getting easier soon. (Thankfully a lot more bands – Radiohead, Ladytron, etc. – are wising up to the fact that it can behoove them to START their tours in Miami and head north…)

    Studio A gave you the opportunity to see, amongst others: Yo La Tengo (first Miami show in 18 years), Battles, Cat Power, Glass Candy, Ladytron, M.I.A., Melt-Banana, Man Man, Avenue D, El-P, Art Brut, The Presets, Aesop Rock, Prefuse 73, The Stills, Electric Six, CSS, Of Montreal, We Are Scientists, Diamond Nights, Sound Team, Whirlwind Heat, Bonde Do Role, DJ Qbert, Tokyo Police Club, Capadonna, Ariel Pink, Justice, tons more during the last 2 WMCs, more national bands I forgot and a SLEW of local acts.

    I had many a great time at Studio A and will definitely miss it. I wouldn’t be too sad though… all in all Miami is still getting LOADS more national shows than we ever have (the Sweat upcoming events list is proof – it used to take 15 minutes to compile and now it takes hours). The Fillmore on South Beach is starting to book more indie bands, we’ve got some cool shows lined up at The Vagabond, and I know of at least 3 other new live music venues in the works that will soon be bringing down even more great shows.

    So never fear! Concert culture is here to stay in South Florida.

  16. the talking pod    Thu May 1, 11:02 PM #  

    Sadly it’s par for the course. Studio A simply didn’t have the financing to rely on shows exclusively and keep their bottom line in the black.

    Clubs come and go all the time here.

    Live club or DJ/dance club, you have to have a regular night. You need people to be able to go “Hey, let’s go to Studio A and see what’s up…” and be able to trust in that decision.

    The Big Two in town do this. It works.

    Duran, you’re making the blog/forum rounds with this, huh?

    Good on you for breaking it.

  17. Biscayne Bystander    Fri May 2, 12:52 AM #  

    Sure it didn’t help that someone was shot dead there a few Monday’s ago.

  18. Mike aka mefx1    Fri May 2, 08:27 AM #  

    thanks lolo for giving me some much needed hope.

  19. Victor*    Fri May 2, 09:43 AM #  

    Well said Lolo! Studio A thanks for all the great memories!