Wednesday April 30, 2008

A Miami-Dade school principal offered to do his job for $1 per year plus benefits, and the school board turned him down, essentially saying he can have the job for $120,000 a year or not at all. The reason is some budgeting BS. Meanwhile, the State is cutting $60.5 million in funding to Miami-Dade schools (and, if you want extra anger with your lunchtime burger, “Meantime, there’s enough money to keep giving the owners of 20 sports stadiums and arenas — including the ones used by the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Heat and the Florida Panthers — tax subsidies as high as $2 million each.”)

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  1. Mikhail    Wed Apr 30, 12:46 PM #  

    Props to the principal who is probably one of the only people in Dade who cares about our children’s education!

    Don’t get me started on the sports stadiums… ANGER BUILDING!

    The school board should be rebuilt from scratch… I don’t think there is a single person who actually knows what their doing on said board!

  2. kelly    Wed Apr 30, 02:43 PM #  

    i’m a teacher, commenting on this from work (which could possibly get me in trouble?). anyway, thanks for bringing up the budget issues affecting our schools. it’s baaaaaad. unfortunately, i predict it will only get worse as the proposed tax cut amendment will take away essentially the entire budget for public schools in the state. sigh… we need a revolution.

  3. adam    Wed Apr 30, 09:40 PM #  

    I don’t really think the schoolboard should try to offset it’s budget crisis by not paying its employees. Hasn’t this been it’s solution for the last decade or so, and it isn’t really working is it? There must be a better way.