Tuesday April 29, 2008

Your State government watch: mandating ultrasound scans for women before they can get an abortion in the Senate, undermining evolution in the House. (Neither bill is a law yet.) Attention Republicans: how do you sleep?

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  1. Republicans    Tue Apr 29, 11:48 AM #  

    We sleep during the day. To be effective, bloodsucking must go on in the dark. Thanks for asking.

  2. swampthing    Wed Apr 30, 06:22 AM #  

    repugs love the fetus, hate the child.

  3. a fricken lawyer    Wed Apr 30, 10:03 AM #  

    Kindly resist the lumping of ALL repubs in with the Bible thumping, evolution shunning, fetus-hugging, moralizing, Gore-mocking, NPR-suspecting, FOX-following, vocal right wing contingency.

    Soul-free asshats though we may be, not all of us voted the party line last time ‘round. There are many of us with libertarian leanings, who lament the current state of the party, who don’t care if Janet Jackson shows ALL of her bits on television, reject the death penalty, and would “simply” prefer less taxation, downsizing/streamlining of bureaucracy, and less governmental involvement in private matters.

    Some of us may even vote for St. Obama, given the opportunity.

  4. alesh    Wed Apr 30, 11:10 AM #  


    I feel ya. To some extent the Democratic party is the same way, but the Republicans are really interesting. It’s like there are the smart Republicans and the stupid Republicans — that is, fiscal conservatives and social conservatives. It’s fun to see someone like John McCain twist and turn to avoid alienating the latter, whom he clearly despises. What’s sad, though, is that the fiscal conservatives are in the minority. That’s why the Republican party (and to some extent the whole country) is ultimately fucked.

  5. a fricken lawyer    Wed Apr 30, 11:53 AM #  

    Alesh – Short term, I sort of agree with you.

    Long term, if the fiscal conservatives can start with be a little more active/vocal, and do a little less pandering to the Jesus Camp graduates, then maybe the party can be transformed from within. If “Smart Republicans” (as you call them) and non-kooky-Libertarians united, I imagine we could eventually oust the others… who can form their own Our-Grandaddy-Ain’t-No-Monkey-Party.

    Optimism, independent thought, and mistrust of government! The original cornerstones of our great nation.

  6. alesh    Wed Apr 30, 12:08 PM #  

    Well, it could happen. I doubt it, but you never know. One thing that seems to be helping is the Democrat’s shift away from free-trade policy, which has been grating on my nerves in this presidential campaign.

    (I’m sort of holding out hope that Obama is really a free-trader, and he’s just playing the idiot wing of the Democratic party like McCain is doing to the social conservatives.)