Tuesday April 29, 2008

Hmm.. Daniel Brody’s cat PJ has a blog called Meow.

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  1. PC    Tue Apr 29, 07:50 AM #  

    Maybe the cat can write.

  2. alesh    Tue Apr 29, 09:55 AM #  

    Come on it’s CUTE. The cat mostly takes video. Or gets his video taken. Every post is titled “Meow.”

  3. l'elk!    Tue Apr 29, 12:38 PM #  


    (sorry, i couldn’t help it)

  4. PJ    Tue Apr 29, 01:20 PM #  

    PC-Better than Brody, yeah definitely. Feeds me crappy leftovers from DailyCocaine food adventures, then makes me sleep outdoors, while he ‘writes’. Whatevs.

  5. R.    Tue Apr 29, 03:03 PM #  

    who the heck is Daniel Brody? and what’s up with his cat’s speech impediment?

    mines can say about 5 more different things.