Friday April 25, 2008

Viennese weekend


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  1. Mikhail    Fri Apr 25, 09:12 AM #  

    Also tonight, The Hard Liquor Band (named best local cover band 2007 by the Miami Herald) is playing at John Martin’s in Coral Gables. 253 Miracle Mile. They start around 8:30PM and play through Midnight.

  2. Bill Clinton    Fri Apr 25, 09:23 AM #  

    Psychosis at The Naked Stage, a “porthole into the mind of a mentally ill woman.”

    Who would actually pay money to see this?

  3. cb    Fri Apr 25, 09:30 AM #  

    On Saturday April 26th, from 6-9, Luminaire X is going GREEN. We have pulled together the MAM Partners and Arquitectonica, smart car, and ‘The Green Broker’ to bring you ‘X-GREEN’. Come and hear about how the future MIAMI ART MUSEUM is making green efforts a reality, sit inside a smart car and poke around to see how they are ahead of the curve, talk to Carl Hildebrand, The Green Broker, about how you can live a more green life, meet Courtney Reum, owner and founder of VeeV, and much more!

    During the event only, enter your name to win Bang & Olufsen headphones, a Lavazza Espresso Machine, a gift certificate from Books & Books, and more… Presentations begin at 7pm.

    RSVP required, 305.437.7975

  4. Nicole    Fri Apr 25, 09:42 AM #  

    Oh and don’t forget the BFA show at The Frost Art Museum!

    Opening reception tonight at 7 with musical guests Raffa and Rainer.

    The show runs through may 3rd.

  5. alesh    Fri Apr 25, 11:13 AM #  


    Carmen Carvajal / Domingo Castillo
    Orlando Estrada / Rosemarie Romero
    Arlen Ruiz / Kacey Westall
    Valeria Yamamoto

    Are the first three pairs collaborations? The page is a little fuzzy (and uses the graphic from the MFA show!).


    Bleh, I have to RSVP? As in, they won’t let me in otherwise?

  6. Lolo    Fri Apr 25, 12:06 PM #  

    Other fun stuff tonight:

    -the Hobo Film Festival starts it US tour tonight at Sweat, 8pm (

    -Jamie Lidell CD release party + This Heart Electric live at The Vagabond, 10pm-ish…

    Happy weekend peoples!

  7. cb    Fri Apr 25, 06:43 PM #  

    “Bleh, I have to RSVP? As in, they won’t let me in otherwise?”

    Yeah, I found that odd. I just emailed, hopefully I find time to hit before ANR at UEG.

  8. cb    Fri Apr 25, 06:45 PM #  

    That Hobo Film Festival looks cool! Brought back a flash of Into The Wild for me. Sadly I’ll still be at work :(

  9. Nicole    Fri Apr 25, 08:10 PM #  

    Some collaborations but mostly solo work.
    No R.S.V.P.s
    Totally free
    no BS

    Its runs till May 3rd

    Wednesday there is a walk-through with the artists…and free food at 7:00 P.M.

  10. miaedu    Sat Apr 26, 12:54 AM #  

    Cinco de MiMo Festival