Wednesday April 23, 2008

OK, suppose you find an 8-foot alligator in your kitchen, between you and an open door. All you have is a broomstick. Can you prod the alligator out the door? (Bonus link: the temperature their eggs incubate at determines a gator’s gender.)



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  1. Crumbs    Wed Apr 23, 12:49 PM #  

    Only if the scurry at the scent of urine running down a leg

  2. Beanblosom    Wed Apr 23, 06:14 PM #  

    Break the broomstick (I hope it’s wooden..?) off just under three feet from the end and when the gator opens his mouth, jam it in there so he’s stuck wide open.

    …..And then you can play some Gator Golf! sing-a-long with me “Gator Golf – what could be greater than playing a game of golf with a gator?”

    Yeah, i’m nuts.

  3. Biscayne Bystander    Wed Apr 23, 06:52 PM #  

    No. An eight-foot gator, with a bite of 3,000 pounds per square inch, is going to break whatever it bites.

  4. alesh    Wed Apr 23, 07:54 PM #  

    No question a gator’s bite has a lot of power. But you’ve got this long stick, right?

    Let’s say he’s faster then you, and bites off a piece of the stick. Then, before he can get set for the next bite, you jab his snout — hard — with the splintered end of the stick.

    I don’t know, but my understanding is that predators, when they perceive that THEY are in danger, retreat like complete wimps.

  5. Biscayne Bystander    Thu Apr 24, 03:49 PM #  

    I’m willing to pay your admission so you can prove your hypothesis.