Tuesday April 22, 2008

Michael Lewis unpacks some of the maneuvering behind the Global Agreement, the packaging of the port tunnel, performing arts center bailout, jungle island bailout, streetcar, Marlins stadium, and museum park, as one political package. The plan was approved because each piece had a few commissioners in support of it. Now, in large part because of economic troubles, the individual votes will be in serious trouble. Lewis argues that this is in fact a good thing.



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  1. Mikhail    Tue Apr 22, 08:53 AM #  

    IMHO The tunnel and Marlins stadium should not be funded with public funds. I work in Downtown and have yet to see a “major” issue with the trucks coming into the port and don’t get me started on the stadium! I’m mixed on the Jungle Island… I used to frequent it when it was in Pinecrest, it was a beautiful park, this rendition of Parrot Jungle just doesn’t do it for me and I’m not sure that a government handout is appropriate. Maybe it’s time more them to move to the Metro Zoo property?
    The streetcar has my vote 110% Any improvement to the pathetic excuse for public transportation is a step in the right direction. I would love to see some, dare I say it, maybe vintage streetcars (restored to their original look) traveling the streets of Miami. I know that if this project goes through, they’ll probably buy new streetcars, and that’s fine too… and probably more practical, I just have a soft spot for the classics! San Fran did a good job with restoring and placing into service a variety of classic streetcars!
    Museum Park, just build it already! This town lacks museums and nice public gathering areas, this project is needed. Although knowing our politicians and a majority of the population, I won’t be surprised if it eventually gets scrapped.

    My 2 cents!
    Good morning everyone!

  2. KidBass    Tue Apr 22, 09:58 AM #  

    Completely agree with what Mikhail just said. I don’t see the big need for a tunnel or a new stadium. I do see a major need of public space and major changes in our public transportation. As we all know, if any good changes do take place it will take a good amount of years along with that.

  3. alesh    Tue Apr 22, 10:38 AM #  

    Of course public funding should never go towards the absurd fucking stadium…

    I’m of two minds on the tunnel and Jungle Island bailout, and more or less support everything else. But I think I’d be willing to go along with the stuff I don’t like to get the stuff I do. Having all of this stuff is better then having none of it, if those are the two choices, and they may well be if there’s an up-or-down vote on each one.

    Wow, it looks like maybe I disagree with Michael Lewis on this one.

  4. Mikhail    Tue Apr 22, 11:34 AM #  

    agreed, if it’s all or none, then let’s go for all. But the stadium just gets my goat! At a time when the whole country is in the shitter and Florida is already down the drain pipe, spending money on a white elephant that will not be able to sell more then 30% of its seats is simply moronic! You know when it’s all said and done, that damn stadium will end up costing more than a Billion!!! Could you imagine what a billion dollars could do for public transportation? <-(Disclaimer: If managed properly… Further Disclaimer: Not Likely in South Florida!)

  5. mae    Wed Apr 23, 10:13 AM #  

    another important fact is that the city is planning on expanding the CRA, which currently has money in it to be used to invest in “slum and blight” areas. The money pool they’re drawing from is not meant to be used for these big ticket projects. It’s supposed to be used to revitalize communities. Funding these projects with CRA money is really a slap in the face to low-income people who live in the current CRA district

  6. Neil    Wed Apr 23, 01:17 PM #  

    Let’s face it, the big money in this project is all for the stadium. The pennies they drop on transit is just a fig leaf to avoid the embarrassment of the naked money grab. What is it, 1% of the total money? The tunnel isn’t bad, but diverting massive tax money for entertainment is a bad idea when we have so many true needs in our community. I am strongly opposed to the big scam.