Monday April 21, 2008

The Herald has noticed Miami mayor Manny Diaz’s silly blog.

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  1. Rick    Mon Apr 21, 08:18 AM #  

    Wow. It only took them a month and a half.

    Silly, yes. But you gotta give the guy a little credit for at least trying.

    Or, maybe not.


  2. l'elk!    Mon Apr 21, 09:49 AM #  

    he doesn’t even have a comment section. cant take constructive criticism? totally ruins the best part about blogging(that and i secretly want to troll his site).

  3. alesh    Mon Apr 21, 11:32 AM #  


    The more I think about it, the more I actually DO give him some credit for trying. I didn’t actually see anything interesting on the blog, but I’ve been keeping an eye on it, because I suspect at some point it WILL get interesting. Once he’s gotten over the novelty of it and relaxed, there’s a chance it’ll become a little bit more casual and frank. Maybe.

    I’m thinking here about Wired magazine’s “radical transparency” concept from last year, and now this blog doesn’t really fit into that trent, but might start to at some point.

    Right now it’s fluff. What blows me away is that it’s on friggin’ blogspot. Dude just went and had his niece or something set it up. Just as well — if he’d gotten the city’s IT department to do it it’d take three months, cost tens of thousand dollars, and crash my browser.


    I think if you think it through it’d be obvious why he can’t have comments. This way it’s something he does “for fun.” Add a comments section to police, and it becomes a serious time drain.

  4. l'elk!    Mon Apr 21, 12:46 PM #  

    alesh: oh i know. i wasn’t really serious. thats why i expressed my not so secret secret of wanting to troll the blog.

  5. margaret    Mon Apr 21, 05:29 PM #  

    You can always start a response blog!

  6. carlos miller    Mon Apr 21, 06:10 PM #  

    The blog is boring, but I can see his point in starting it. It allows him to spread all the “good news” that doesn’t get reported in the Herald.

    Of course, most journalists do not think it is necessarily newsworthy when a politician is actually doing his job.

    It is when he is not doing his job when something becomes newsworthy.

    He should open the comments section to really start a dialogue with the citizens. But I’m sure he is afraid to open up a can of worms.

    If he really wants to earn his blogging stripes, he should go on Eye on Miami and respond to some of their posts.

    Or better yet, respond to Eye on Miami’s posts with posts on his own blog.

    I give his blog three months before it fizzles out. Like everything else in the City of Miami, it will end up neglected.

  7. Julian    Mon Apr 21, 10:07 PM #  

    Is it really silly? I give him credit, heck it could be very possible he doesnt even write the blog, but it does get some news out that other outlets ignore. Maybe in time like alesh said it will get more frank and real.

  8. tito    Tue Apr 22, 09:45 AM #  

    I also thought alesh was a real frank.

  9. beanblossom    Sun Apr 27, 10:56 PM #  

    re: the house

    I didn’t read the text with the photo the other day when first posted because I don’t ever go to Hollywood. Well, today I went through Hollywood to check out an Arts and Crafts Show on the beach and drove past a very familiar house. I’ve spent all night trying to remember where I saw it. Ta da! Here!