Thursday April 17, 2008

Alex was recently charged $6 for a bagel with lox at Mo’s. Is that excessive? What’s the going rate for a bagel with lox?

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  1. cb    Thu Apr 17, 03:36 PM #  

    I’ve definitely paid more than that. I think it’s around $10 at Books and Books, but it comes with fries or some side.

  2. WaynePardue    Thu Apr 17, 04:00 PM #  

    It’s $7.25 and $7.95 at two “cheap” places here in Chicago.

  3. alesh    Thu Apr 17, 04:39 PM #  

    So, let’s talk about this… you’d expect that, say, a bagel w. plain CC would cost MORE at a place like Mo’s then Einstein’s et. al because it’s not a fast-food joint and, well, it’s a real bagel.

    $3 is a little steep but doesn’t seem completely out of whack. Another $3 for the lox I’d say depends entirely on how much lox you get and possibly the freshness/quality. Right??

    How’s Sage??

  4. calm bobby    Thu Apr 17, 04:40 PM #  

    You can buy 3 Lender’s bagels (blueberry) for like 3 bucks at Publix. They taste good.

  5. Superbee    Thu Apr 17, 04:46 PM #  

    Sage is great. Worth the drive to Hallandale Beach Blvd. They’re as close as I’ve come to a perfect bagel down here – a little crunchy outside, and densely fluffy on the inside.

    Not cheap, but requisitely Jewish and hits all the right chords with me.

  6. Paul Atreides    Thu Apr 17, 05:07 PM #  

    actually that is not a bad price as salmon is going to hit the roof very soon…

    also food prices are goin up everywhere…haven’t you been watching the news?

  7. Frod    Thu Apr 17, 05:54 PM #  

    Pretty reasonable actually. Lox doesn’t come cheap, the bagel’s just a small component of that price.

  8. Alex Cabrera    Thu Apr 17, 06:21 PM #  

    Maybe I just don’t consume enough bagels to have known the market price, but $6 seems a bit excessive for what amounts to be bread and probably canned fish.

  9. MiamiDanny    Thu Apr 17, 07:05 PM #  

    Alesh-Why is Mo’s a ‘real’ bagel and Einstein’s not? Do you know something you’re not telling us?

  10. Carlos Miller    Thu Apr 17, 08:40 PM #  


    Maybe you should stick to the vaca frita. You get more bang for your buck.

  11. alesh    Thu Apr 17, 09:00 PM #  


    I’m just repeating something that I’ve been told over and over and over: the thing that Einstein’s sells is much less dense, closer to bread. It may be enjoyable, but it’s not a real bagel. Then again, the same people tell me you can’t really get a real bagel outside of New York unless you import some NYC’s soft water to boil it in, so who knows?

  12. Henry Gomez    Thu Apr 17, 11:57 PM #  

    We’re burning up a 1/3 of our corn crop to run automobiles instead of drilling for black gunk that has no other use.

    No wonder food prices are rising.

    Not that it has anything to do with Lox and Bagels.

  13. Superbee    Fri Apr 18, 10:08 AM #  

    Einstein’s bagels aren’t bagels. They’re white bread. Like Lender’s Bagels.

  14. Moon    Fri Apr 18, 10:42 AM #  

    Einstein’s bagels are pretty lame.
    And they used that ‘whipped’ cream cheese that’s more air than anything that resembles cream or cheese.
    If you ever put it on a toasted bagel it sort of melts and gets all runny. Yuck.

  15. alesh    Fri Apr 18, 12:27 PM #  

    It’s pretty tangential, but what the fuck: Henry makes an important point. The friggin’ ethanol subsidies are driving up world prices of corn, with spillover effects on soybeans, rice, etc. I’m talking like 50-100% over the last year or so, which really really sucks if you live in the third world and you were spending more then 50% of your income on food to begin with. In some places now people are spending 80% of their income on food.


    You may now resume discussing how lame Einstein’s cream cheese is ;^)

  16. Biscayne Bystander    Sun Apr 20, 01:43 PM #  

    How Biofuels Could Starve the Poor

  17. alex    Sun Apr 20, 02:20 PM #  

    Pretty tangential and also a false set of options. We could find sources of energy that doesn’t include drilling in Alaska or using up corn. Everybody shares the blame, from conservative’s refusal to fund solar and wind energy research to environmentalist’s misguided opposition to nuclear power. Ethanol was the path of least resistance.

    As far as bagel’s, I like the rye ones at Bagel Bar East.