Thursday April 17, 2008

In front of the building at Meridian and 13th, recently redone. Some sort of Philippe Stark meets the old west meets Japanese traditional thing going on here. I tend to frown on this sort of thing when done to multi-residence buildings.

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  1. Alex Cabrera    Fri Apr 18, 11:18 AM #  

    That’s my building!

    My next door neighbor, who is only here one weekend a month, decided to go with the rebar and dead bamboo theme. I like to call it the post-modern haitian crackhouse aesthetic.

    That picture is taken from underneath Bacardi & Diet’s old bedroom window.

  2. Bacardi & Diet    Fri Apr 18, 11:20 AM #  

    LOL! That’s hysterical. I know the building and couldn’t agree more.

  3. adam    Fri Apr 18, 12:59 PM #  

    It’s a nice photograph…

  4. Scott    Fri Apr 18, 06:35 PM #  

    Alex, there’s no escaping the haitian crackhouse. Just when I was done laughing at your remark about it, a photo shows up here.

    This really IS super stylish. Good for bringing it to light, Alesh.

  5. Concerned resident!    Fri Apr 18, 09:38 PM #  

    First of all, Alex you need to stop worrying about who comes in and out of the building and worry about keeping it clean and maintaining the building. Perhaps the association was worried about the stealing of the plants outside or the messy neighbors. If we didn’t have so many renters that don’t abide by the rules, then maybe we could spend more time on the aesthetics of the building and less time babysitting. Do you have any suggestions for the front that can withstand the public’s disregard?

  6. Alex Cabrera    Sat Apr 19, 01:46 AM #  

    I’d happily leave if anyone can show me when I’ve left the building anything but clean and maintained.

    How are renters the problem yet there should be no discussion of random people coming into the building every other week without any supervision?

    Yeah, I have a suggestion. Plant grass like a normal fucking building so it doesn’t make the outside look like people are walking in here to buy crack fresh out of the dishwasher, and hold our shitty management company, Streamline, accountable to actually, oh I don’t know, fix up all the broken shit and keeping the place in shape? If you really need to put a fence, use, and this might be a shocker, fencing material; not the rebar that was tossed out during the 6 months of construction on the exterior of the building by the most unprofessional group of workers I have ever seen. Hell, I know it’s the same rebar because the workers still haven’t cleaned up all their trash from the backyard of 109.

  7. Concerned resident!    Sat Apr 19, 10:26 AM #  

    You need to speak to your unit owner, he’s on the board if you have any concerns.He can contact the management company if needed for information regarding general repairs and the aesthetic appeal of the front.

  8. Grateful non-resident    Sat Apr 19, 12:24 PM #  

    I’d hate to live in a building where the residents end up sniping half-anonymously at each other in blog comments. That’s what I’d speak to my unit owner about, not purported crackhouses of whatever nationality.

  9. Alex Cabrera    Sat Apr 19, 03:07 PM #  

    Concerned Resident: I have no problem with my unit owner; and other than the fact I think it’s ugly, I don’t really care much at all about the fence. That being said, the way I’ve been treated by the property management company and some of the decisions that have been taken are completely inexplicable. Like I said, if I have a problem I much rather deal with it myself than have to bother the owner of my unit with what I see as ultimately trivial problems. I don’t go running to him with every little issue, because most of the time it’s simply stuff I can fix myself.

    I do, however, appreciate not addressing the issue of random people coming into the building. It explains a lot.

    Grateful Non-Resident: The funny thing is that I actually love my building and get along great with my neighbors. Hell, I hang out with my neighbors more than I do my close friends; we go out drinking, celebrate each others birthdays, and spend the day shooting the shit with one another. We have an extremely open door policy here and if it hadn’t been for that I probably would have moved out by now. I’ve made some incredibly good life-long friends in this building and NOBODY has ever approached my about any transgressions. Even this Concerned-resident has never approached me about anything.

    You’re right, the half-anonymous act is bullshit

  10. Bacardi & Diet    Sun Apr 20, 07:16 PM #  

    Ohh shhhnap! I would agree that the mgmt company in this building simply doesn’t give a shit about their job in actually managing the building. Everyone knows I can’t stand Streamline, specially that beotch Caroline. Talk about being unprofessional!? At least if she has a complain, she should know what she’s talking about before making accusations about renters. As a renter, I’ve never had any complaints, and it’s been quite the opposite. Now I’m not going to speak for everyone, because even owners don’t always follow the rules. So you can’t put much blame on the renters themselves alone.
    But yeah in going back to what Alex had to say about people going in and out of OUR building,I can say that it’s sketchy yet no one says shit about it. Bikes gets stolen, people are naked in the courtyard in all hours of the morning, etc.. Then people ask why the front door code needed to be changed? Duh!!!!!

  11. adam    Sun Apr 20, 07:28 PM #  

    I don’t know about the building, but the yard seems to be a beautiful interpretation of classic film genre exemplified by such memorable films as Red Sun. This exhibition features miami’s direct centrality between the zen-animism of japanese stone gardens and the ranchero chic of the old southwest. Accented by the coral gravel—a return to the sea, nature, and hence the womb—and wrought iron rebar clearly representing the aspirational masculine desires of the post-human project, this landscape interfaces with the culture of miami in deep and emotionally significant ways.

  12. Carlos Miller    Sun Apr 20, 09:28 PM #  

    That landscape reminds me of Arizona. One of the reasons I left Arizona was because I missed the Green, Green Grass of Home.

  13. margaret    Mon Apr 21, 05:24 PM #  

    Streamline, huh?

    They spent like six months doing structural work on the building next door too. I wonder if they are getting kickbacks.

    Then they planted rocks where the grass should be! Now the “beautiful” white rocks are covered in dogshit and green mold. They spread all over the sidewalk in heavy rains and are a pain in the foot to walk on. I can’t wait to see them fly in a hurricane.