Wednesday April 16, 2008

Mo's Bagels and Deli

Mo's Bagels and Deli

So, we were just talking about the North Miami bagel/deli circuit, and I thought I’d mention my favorite. A little less cramped and hectic then the Bagel Cove and not overpriced like Sage Bagels, Mo’s has that old-school, family-run atmosphere you’re looking for. (There’s a new place up the street at Miami Gardens Drive and 18th Street that’s distinctly not what I’m talking about here.) The food is what you’d expect from a diner, but with massive portions and skewed towards your Kosher stuff. Delicious breakfast specials, massive sandwiches, homemade soup. You get the picture. By 10 am on weekends every table is full, and there’s a line out the door. Service is usually pretty good.

Mo's Bagels and Deli

Lox lox lox, and fish, smoked fish.

Mo's Bagels and Deli

So, does somebody really want to tell me this isn’t a “real” deli? True, it’s not from the 60s, but cut them some slack. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with any of this stuff. I sort of just admire it while waiting in the checkout line. Note the back of the take-out menu for a list of stuff available to go by the pound: 8 different types of smoked fish, 8 different soups, potato pancakes, knishes, and something called Israeli Health Salad. (Actually, the “Salads” section is a hoot, and features turkey, shrimp, and egg salad, in addition to the ominously titled “Vegetarian Chopped Liver.”)

Mo's Bagels and Deli

And of course pastries. And yes, you get a little plate of sweet nibblies when you sit down. Yum! Oh, thanks again to Susan for letting me use her camera!!

Mo’s Bagel & Deli
2780 N.E. 187th St
North Miami Beach, FL 33180 (they say they’re in Aventura, I say no)

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  1. harumi    Wed Apr 16, 09:50 AM #  

    You should try Sage Bagel on Hallandale Beach Blvd.
    They are my favorite!

  2. Elad    Wed Apr 16, 10:19 AM #  

    Mo’s definitely counts as a real deli. It feels like a Jewish deli, but you can order bacon. woohoo!

  3. tom    Wed Apr 16, 02:06 PM #  

    Mmmmm… oversized sandwiches… My only Miami deli experience to date is with Roasters & Toasters down near Dadeland, which is delicious in my opinion. Will have to check this place out.

  4. Benjamin    Wed Apr 16, 05:05 PM #  

    This place is descent for Miami standards… above average in terms of food… though I still think the food is better at Arnie and Richie’s. Service: definitely above average and the decor, probably below. It was super speedy at lunch which was convenient. It seemed the baked goods at the checkout counter had a lot to be desired. I was hoping to find some yummy chocolate bobka or rugelach but they looked all dried out. I guess I just keep ordering from Zabar’s online.

  5. Alex Cabrera    Wed Apr 16, 06:14 PM #  

    Not sure if you just read about my recent experience there, but I can not believe how expensive a bagel is in that place. $6 for a bagel is absurd.

  6. alesh    Thu Apr 17, 07:55 AM #  

    Here’s the post Alex is talking about.

    I dunno… what’s a typical price for a bagel and lox? I suppose it depends on how generous they are with the lox. Would you rather a cheaper bagel with less fish?

    Actually, I’m looking at the menu now, and this is even absurder:

    Bagel with cream cheese: $2.99
    Bagel with CHIVE cream cheese: $5.45

    Wha… $2.50 for chives?!? (Hmm… next to the latter it says “(Appetizer Size)”, so maybe the deal is that you get more cream cheese?)

  7. MiamiDanny    Thu Apr 17, 04:05 PM #  

    So what exactly did you eat?

  8. Superbee    Thu Apr 17, 04:44 PM #  

    In my experience, if you order a bagel (Like at Bagel Cove) and it’s a pricey bagel, it’s because you get a bagel, an icecream scoop (at least) of cream cheese, and a plate of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and lettuce.

    The appetizer-style bagels are meant to be a full meal in themselves. And they are. So, although a bagel is a “meal” an appetizer bagel is a “MEAL.”

    (With a side salad.)

  9. MiamiDanny    Thu Apr 17, 06:27 PM #  

    …and if you’re not familiar with the smooth delights of Vegetarian Chopped Liver, may I politely suggest you learn a little more about Jewish food before commenting on it? Or perhaps, maybe even, trying it? And $6 is not a lot for good bagels & lox…

  10. alesh    Thu Apr 17, 09:06 PM #  

    Sorry Danny… talking out of my ass about shit I don’t know anything about is a hallmark of this blog (and my whole life, to some extent). I promise to try the VCL ASAP.

    What I’ve had is almost everything associated with Mo’s breakfast menu, which admittedly is missing out on a lot.

  11. MiamiDanny    Thu Apr 17, 10:38 PM #  

    “Sorry Danny… talking out of my ass about shit I don’t know anything about is a hallmark of this blog (and my whole life, to some extent).”

    Mine too. We must be twin sons of different mothers…

  12. Southoceandrive    Sun Apr 20, 10:30 PM #  

    Stopped by Mo’s today, based on curiosity and reports here. Passed Sage and Bagle Cove to get to Mo’s. Spent 45 minutes at a table, with no food. Did manage to place an order at about the 25 minute mark, but didn’t see anything to eat — no slaw, no dill pickle, no nosh of any type — and left when I noticed people who had been in line behind me finishing and leaving the place. Service was absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen. Told the hostess, got a little shoulder shrug for my efforts.

    Left there, went to Hollywood, sat down at Le Tub and had one of their fabulous burgers within 30 minutes of sitting down.

    Let’s recap — drive past a coupla decent places to Mo’s, and get totally insulted by being ignored for 45 minutes, or drop by Le Tub, and have a fat, juicy, delicious, hand-crafted burger while enjoying the ever changing scenery on the ICW.

    Le Tub might not be Jewish, or a deli — but they know how to treat a customer.