Tuesday April 8, 2008

This shouldn’t be too surprising: guy/girl come down from New York, do all the stupid predictable shit, and write about it for the New York Times. (Aka a weekend in Miami for $500.)


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  1. B    Tue Apr 8, 05:41 PM #  

    That article was asinine.

  2. Lix    Wed Apr 9, 03:41 AM #  

    “…Art + Design Night, with its ultra-expensive home furnishings stores throwing open their doors to women in shiny minidresses and the banker types who’d probably paid for them. We didn’t stay long.”

    So they go back to Ocean. What the hell?

  3. Eric    Wed Apr 9, 07:16 PM #  

    that’s how I got tricked into moving here….

  4. alesh    Wed Apr 9, 09:53 PM #  


    i know, right?


  5. Biscayne Bystander    Thu Apr 10, 12:19 AM #  

    Just had to friends in town from NY. They were greatful and not be on South Beach to deal with the bouncers at Mansion.

    Took them to W Wine Bistro and had a great time. The best spots are opening off the beach.

  6. alesh    Thu Apr 10, 12:23 AM #  

    That sounds lovely, BB. For crying out loud, why don’t you have a blog?

  7. Christina    Thu Apr 17, 11:05 AM #  

    Eating on a budget? For tourists?

    Yambo. No drives through Flagler, I’m assured.

  8. alesh    Thu Apr 17, 11:51 AM #  

    Hell yeah to Yambo.

  9. Paul Atreides    Thu Apr 17, 05:17 PM #  

    Hell yeah to yambo if you have no idea what a good Nicaraguan Fritanga is all about. Yambo is only good at 3 am, when liquor is imparing your judgement. You need to go to sweetwater for Nicaraguan food.

    Fritanga Monimbo destroys Yambo

    but for the real stuff..Madroño
    cheap and excellent! 10780 W Flagler St

  10. KH    Fri Apr 18, 09:41 AM #  

    HOLY COW!! The Kwisatch Haderach comments on CM!!!