Tuesday April 8, 2008

C.L. Jahn gives us a history of the last 2 years of the Coconut Grove Playhouse, and proclaims, “It’s time to admit it: the Coconut Grove Playhouse is dead.” But careful — what he means is the organization, not (necessarily) the idea of performances in that building (though that too seems unlikely for a long time, as the building is quite deteriorated). Bummer.

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  1. peter    Tue Apr 8, 11:33 PM #  


    “the Playhouse has received hundreds of millions of dollars over the last twenty years to make improvements to the building,….What did the board do with all that money?”

    Is it true that Arnold Middleman made a salary PLUS 10% of his fund raising?

    And what does Actors Playhouse do with a $3.5 million annual budget? You certainly can’t see it on the stage.

  2. CLJ    Wed Apr 9, 07:06 PM #  

    I can assure you that Actors’ Playhouse isn’t tucking away funds; what isn’t on stage (and most of it really goes there) goes to facility and staff costs. They are doing an impressive amount of theater considering the size of their budget.

    No one is getting rich off of the Playhouse.

    And I am in a position to know; I budgeted their shows from 2002 until March of this year. If you don’t think you’re seeing every penny of their budget every time you walk in their building, then you are either blind or ignorant of the costs.