Thursday April 3, 2008

Key Largo semi-secret camping spot

Here’s the spot in Key Largo where I camped out on my trip. I should say first that as far as I know it’s private property, and doing anything there is probably technically illegal. Nonetheless, I was informed by locals that this spot is frequently used by teenagers for parties, and it’s obviously used by outsiders as an impromptu campground at least occasionally. I was asked for directions to the spot, so here you go.

Take US-1 to the Overseas Highway, Key Largo. Here’s where it gets tricky, because I’m not so good at linking up Google Maps to reality, but refer to this map, and what you want, apprently, is to turn left at Ocean Bay Drive, very roughly around MM100. (Alternatively, turn left at Key Largo Fire Station No. 1, and follow that road to Ocean Bay Dr, then turn right.) Follow the road awhile, over a bridge, until it becomes a dirt road, at which point you’ll see the Key Largo Yacht Club on your left. Keep following the road (there may be a gate, which is easy to go around and/or just open) and make the first left turn. Viola, you’re at the site.

Amenities include a concrete waterfront patio with fire pit and the most spectacular sunrise view I’ve ever seen. No running water, no toilet, and no electric. Then again I was desperate, and just thankful not to be pitching a tent in the Arby’s parking lot or paying $160 for a room at the Day’s Inn (no shit, that was the lowest rate). Please report your experiences.

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  1. elgarzon    Fri Apr 4, 09:17 AM #  

    Thanks a lot Alesh.
    Definitely more than I expected!!

  2. Edna    Fri Apr 4, 11:14 AM #  

    I like am quite ecstatic about living without modern comforts. this
    seems like a great site. Did you figure out how long the drive to the
    keys would be?

  3. Brujo    Fri Apr 4, 01:52 PM #  

    Been there many a times since 1992 and the cops will run you out if someone calls. I would keep the spot low-key. Get too much traffic in there they will fence it up good then no one can have fun. They have done at other “secret spots” in the Keys lately thanks to the evironmental Nazis that are in power.

  4. elgarzon    Sun Apr 6, 06:46 PM #  

    I ended going all the way to Bahia Honda (just to find out that you have to make reservations 11 months in advanced!!), but I stop by this place on my way back and it was great (had no problems finding it with the directions, thanks again Alesh) and I’m planning on going back, next week.
    It took me less than an hour and a half from there to the design district with traffic.

  5. E Lizzle    Wed Apr 23, 08:36 PM #  

    I lived on Ocean Bay Drive, the little bridge was on the SE corner of the yard. You have to be somewhat careful going off the beaten path down there. A friend and I were walking my dog in the dynamite docks area (on the old SR905 right-of-way) when some guy in shorts jumped out of the bushes, pointed a handgun at us, and demanded that we quickly lay down on the road. About a half-hour later, with FWC, Parks Dept, and Monroe County officers present, we found out that the guy was a Customs officer. When they finished screwing around, two hours later while we baked in the sun, we were charged with trespassing on parks property. We had to appear in court and pay a ~$750 fine.