Wednesday April 2, 2008

What do you mean “ironic”? Photo by Miami Nights.

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  1. b.a.c.    Wed Apr 2, 05:34 PM #  

    That guy had the craziest/weirdest outfits all WMC week.

  2. alesh    Wed Apr 2, 07:09 PM #  

    The hubcap/chain and glasses by themselves would have been retarded. It’s the shirt and the thing around his waist that makes everything else work.

  3. Brujo    Thu Apr 3, 03:04 PM #  

    Do you think the drunk chick knows she is biting a dirty hubcap?

  4. alesh    Thu Apr 3, 03:12 PM #  

    I think she knows exactly what’s up.

    “You can have a cigarette if you let me bite your hubcap.”