Tuesday April 1, 2008

After being unable to gain the necessary number of signatures to have the intersection in front of his house turned into a traffic circle, Marc Sarnoff got himself elected to the Miami city commission, had the rule waived, and the traffic circle got built. Good times.

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  1. alex    Tue Apr 1, 12:54 PM #  

    Not only that, but it costs $125k! I’d like to see the budget breakdown for that one. Maybe Sarnoff wrote a memo to himself?

    (Add the dog park and his buddy’s gate, and it pays to move next to Sarnoff).

  2. dreaming    Tue Apr 1, 12:57 PM #  

    heres an example of public corruption that at least benefits the public.

    cars slowing down in cocogrove neighborhoods is a good thing, imo.

  3. Victor Montana    Tue Apr 1, 01:32 PM #  


    When Commissioner Sarnoff testifies before the Commission he states that either he or his office directed certain entities that owed the Grove some trees to plant trees. Is it not against law that a City or County Commissioner direct either City or County employees or contractors. Clarification please.

  4. roads rager    Tue Apr 1, 01:48 PM #  

    More stupid circles..Please read my post / rant on the move out the way law. When is the city going to stop sricking it to motorists insteadof the little old ladies in the neighborhoods? With city comish meetings at 10 am normal people who would be negatively affected by the law cant go and speak.. my $0.02..

  5. Brooklyn Bridge    Tue Apr 1, 04:14 PM #  

    Anybody still convinced this guy is about Good Government?