Tuesday April 1, 2008

FIU MFA show

An MFA in art is serious business. Not only does it mean you’re serious about this stuff and you intend to spend your life making art (75% of fine art BFAs make no attempt to have a career as an artist*), but you should have your act together, and be making serious work that can be judged at the highest levels. Right? So. Here’s the latest crop out of FIU, one of Miami’s better art programs.

fiu mfa show 2008

Harumi Abe is a friend of mine, but I don’t think I’m being unfair to say that she stole the show. Her paintings popped off the wall, and they’re both hyper-real and completely mundane. You know that line Franklin used to kick around his footer, the one about the painting of a carrot starting a revolution? We’re getting close here.

fiu mfa show 2008

So, I’m given to understand that there’s some technical difference in Fred Karrensberg’s work that makes it incorrect to say that he’s the obvious protege of Bill Burke, but you could do worse then to be just that. These pieces are mysterious and rich, and one even managed to combine cast glass and video without being laughable. (But I wouldn’t recommend trying that again.)

fiu mfa show 2008

Dan Mintz has been working on this body of work, photos of his son, for years, and it’s come together spectacularly. Cheers, Dan (although might I suggest a middle initial or something, because there may be a google problem lurking). Photography always suffers in hastily-re-photographed reproduction, but I’ve managed to mangle this piece more then usual. Apologies; I assure you the original was crisp and masterfully printed.

fiu mfa show 2008

Angelica Clyman. Here’s where we start to get into trouble. I understand about the carrot and everything, and Clyman obviously has the light thing figured out, but her attempts to convey spirituality and deepness through images of a couple hanging out outdoors

fiu mfa show 2008

I also wasn’t completely convinced by the work of Chaitra Garrick. Based on stories told to her by her grandmother, they’re charmingly crude mixed-media drawings of people and animals in peculiar situations. The best of them exude a sort of iconic charm, and maybe Garrick will find a way to harness more of that in future work.

A video by Maria Lino was also in the show. The exhibition is up through April 12th, and I’d recommend making the trip to check it out. The university also published a very nice catalog.

I made this number up. But I’d batcha it’s close.

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  1. da lizza    Tue Apr 1, 06:15 PM #  

    cool. thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Nicole    Tue Apr 1, 06:34 PM #  

    I work at the museum and it’s great you promoted this! I agree with your commentary as well.
    I’ve been lurking around your page for a while and really enjoy it.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. quckoo    Tue Apr 1, 07:50 PM #  

    epic fail

  4. Franklin    Wed Apr 2, 05:24 PM #  

    Cezanne: “The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.”

    I’m proud to count Harumi among my former students and I wish her the best.

  5. Biscayne Bystander    Wed Apr 2, 09:06 PM #  

    Very cool pieces. Thanks for posting.