Monday March 31, 2008

Delicious-looking freshly baked pita and Middle Eastern pastries, the only catch is that it’s in Ft. Laduerdale



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  1. Ms Calabaza    Mon Mar 31, 08:34 AM #  

    congrats on your post of the Fla Keys. That was great.

  2. squathole    Mon Mar 31, 09:26 AM #  

    Dammit — I read that as “pasties.”

  3. dana    Mon Mar 31, 09:45 AM #  

    my dad LOVES this place
    he always points it out if we happen to be in the area (also ive had their food= delicious)

  4. Duran    Mon Mar 31, 11:11 AM #  

    how dare you send me over the county line alesh

  5. alesh    Mon Mar 31, 11:50 AM #  


    Normally I agree with you, and Danny was pretty careful to say “if you’re in the neighborhood.” (of course then he adds “get there early” which is sort of a contradiction.

    The main reason I posted this was in hopes that someone would say “nono there’s this really great place RIGHT IN TOWN that does the same thing”

    So, anyone?

  6. Duran    Mon Mar 31, 01:09 PM #  

    I’ve never noticed if they have pastries but have you tried the Daily Bread Marketplace on US1?

  7. alex    Mon Mar 31, 02:31 PM #  

    They have pastries and they are meh. Pity, because the rest of the stuff is great.

    Oriental Bakery, in SW 3rd avenue and 17 street. Great pita.

  8. KidBass    Mon Mar 31, 03:05 PM #  

    The Daily bread is alright with their pastries, not that great. Oriental Bakery is by far my favorite out of the two. I wish we had a bakery like that right in downtown.

  9. MiamiDanny    Mon Mar 31, 03:50 PM #  

    Noor is also great if you are planning a day trip anytime soon to the Fishing Hall of Fame (and who isn’t?) It’s right down the street.

  10. alesh    Mon Mar 31, 04:16 PM #  

    Yeah. The fishing hall of fame and the swimming hall of fame. Then maybe they have a water-skiing hall of fame i can check out.

  11. MiamiDanny    Mon Mar 31, 11:19 PM #  

    Water Skiing Hall of Fame

  12. alesh    Tue Apr 1, 01:16 PM #  


    Ok, let’s see, what else can I wish for? Is there a hall of fame for pissing??