Thursday March 27, 2008

Quick note about the crane thing, just because I’m curious what people have to say about it. I’ll say this: the “cause of the accident is still unknown,” but speculation is pretty easy — sloppiness caused by cost-cutting and rushing on the job site. Also, you probably heard this already but the building the crane fell on was the house that was in Something about Mary, and the specific room it destroyed was being used as the construction site’s Safety Office.



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  1. Robert    Thu Mar 27, 11:21 AM #  

    unfortunately two people died. and my hearts go out to them, and those that were hurt. But i can’t go about it without mentioning that the house it destroyed was never wanted by the developers. It remained due to many public outcries to keep it there. Now it wouldn’t surprise me the house will be deemed dangerous and will be torn down, providing a beautiful entrance for the developers million dollar building.

    It’s an unfortunate thing, but i don’t think this was an “accident”.

  2. alesh    Thu Mar 27, 12:00 PM #  

    Kazaam! Good shot, Robert!

  3. Mike aka mefx1    Thu Mar 27, 01:48 PM #  

    the crane thing is horrible…i have seen a man die firsthand from a crane type machine tumble and let me tell you something…landing on a metal spiked fence looked like something out of a horror movie…. (this really did happen…it was like miami beach on abbott ave like a few years ago…)and the body stayed impaled only 5 feet away from me…just horrible…

  4. Robert    Thu Mar 27, 03:08 PM #  

    no doubt Mike

  5. mapache    Mon Mar 31, 10:28 PM #  

    Robert do you actually think someone would murder those people to get a house demolished and then try to cover it up as an accident with all the insurance liability something like that would entail?. Do you have any idea how much this accident will cost the developers, contractors and everyone involved in setting up that crane? Way more than a beautiful entrance on the million dollar condo. These people will lose a lot of money because of this, not to mention the lives of those construction workers. I’m sorry but i have to disagree with you on this guys.