Wednesday March 26, 2008

Rag Trade is for sale. I agree with Lizza — hopefully somebody will come up with the money, because this is too good a thing to not continue.



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  1. Stephanie    Wed Mar 26, 02:14 PM #  

    Thanks for the lovin’ CM! I too hope someone can come up with the money (I took out a loan from the SBA, ps. interest rates rock right now, hint hint), a lot of people love Rag*Trade and I’d hate to see my baby go out of business completely…

  2. a fricken lawyer    Thu Mar 27, 11:05 AM #  

    And this is the first I have heard of a hip, eco-friendly clothing exchange store in this area (I’ve just seen similar stores in SanFran, etc.). If only I had gone to business-running school instead of suing-people school…

  3. liz    Thu Mar 27, 11:18 AM #  

    why not do both?!

    lawyer by day… finacial backer of an awesome super worthy eco-friendly clothing exchange by night (or something like that)

  4. Tere    Mon Mar 31, 12:33 PM #  

    What’s the asking price?

  5. a fricken lawyer    Mon Mar 31, 05:09 PM #  

    ~liz: Sadly, all my cash that could otherwise go toward financially backing an eco-friendly clothing exchange will be paying student loans for years yet.

  6. da lizza    Tue Apr 1, 06:17 PM #  

    a fricken lawyer- ok…good point about the student loans. i feel like i’m going to be 80 before i finish mine (and it’s just undergrad)

    tere- think she’s asking $20,000 which in my opinion is a good deal.