Tuesday March 25, 2008

Liz goes to the opening of The Vagabond, in the former location of I/O, and notes that the stage is gone, indicating that there probably will not be any live shows in the space. Bummer, that was a really great spot to see bands. Update: Three commenters in 12 minutes confirm that a stage can be set up on an as-needed basis, and bands will in fact perform. This is cool, because as I recall the space is a nice smaller-scale/more intimate alternative to Studio A.

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  1. that guy    Tue Mar 25, 06:23 PM #  

    There’ll be live bands there. They have a stage that can be erected as needed. Since live isn’t the exclusive focus of the venue, a permanent stage would take up valuable dance floor real estate.

  2. Duran    Tue Mar 25, 06:28 PM #  

    Yea, Carmel Ophir confirmed to me that the space is configured to have a temporary stage setup if needed, so don’t cry yet.

  3. that guy    Tue Mar 25, 06:35 PM #  

    Right. A friend of mine had a sit-down with him and heard the same thing.

  4. Mike aka mefx1    Thu Mar 27, 10:56 AM #  

    i/o had some amazing acts…but i think ps14 has really started to kick small venue ass.