Monday March 24, 2008

A nice article in the New York Times on Bonnie Clearwater and MoCA, which is about to build that big new building. (via)

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  1. MiamiDanny    Mon Mar 24, 03:43 PM #  

    City of North Miami residents are treated like ‘members’ of MOCA, because N. Miami pays for the bulk of its funding. Wouldn’t this be a great program for Miami-Dade residents, who could then be members of the Miami Art Museum, or the Performing Arts Center, etc.? After all, nobody, not even Ms. Arsht, whom the center is named after, has contributed more money than the citizens of Miami-Dade. Perhaps MAM Director Terry Riley should heed Ms. Clearwater’s call. Likewise whoever runs the PAC.

  2. swampthing    Mon Mar 24, 10:23 PM #  

    dannyboy you are spot on. M-4 (join one museum, see 4 for 30 days) indeed fell short on real outreach to the community (silent tax base). Who doesn’t love the queen B, she’s a work of art.