Monday March 24, 2008

The West Palm Beach sheriff’s department sent in 100 deputies to break up a fight at the Sunshine Flea Market yesterday. That’s how you do it, folks: nothing beats a small army.



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  1. Ms Calabaza    Tue Mar 25, 06:02 AM #  

    Where was Carlos Miller and his camera?

  2. Rick    Tue Mar 25, 06:52 AM #  

    The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responded by sending 50 to 100 deputies to the Sunshine Flea Market at 1941 S. Military Trail, along with a helicopter and at least two fire-rescue vehicles.


    The first deputy to arrive at the scene at about 4:15 p.m. called for backup after 20 people surrounded him, Barbera said. When he and a second deputy went back inside, one juvenile and one other person began fighting with the deputies, requiring the officers to use their Tasers.

    Then the disturbance escalated.

    “Pool balls are being thrown at them,” Barbera said. “Pool cues are being thrown at them.”

    Josef said one person in the crowd threw a No. 6 pool ball at him – and missed. Others in the crowd punched deputies before running away, he said.

    -“Palm Beach Post”:

    Just put to put things in context which is always difficult in two sentence blog posts.


  3. Rick    Tue Mar 25, 06:54 AM #  

    Heh. Two years later and the linking system still blows here.