Thursday March 20, 2008

‘n i’m out: I’m leaving for a couple of days for a bike trip down to the keys. No idea how it’ll go, or how far I’ll get. No regular updates until Monday, but I’ll be Twittering from the road, and I’m adding the updates to the top of this page. You people in the comments behave yourselves.



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  1. harumi    Thu Mar 20, 02:45 PM #  

    wow! alesh! be careful with other cars. have fun!

  2. Adam    Thu Mar 20, 08:22 PM #  

    hard core.

  3. alex    Fri Mar 21, 10:28 AM #  

    Nice! Good luck!

  4. Carolina    Fri Mar 21, 11:30 AM #  

    I asume you’re taking pictures, share them please.

  5. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal    Fri Mar 21, 02:32 PM #  

    Like the Twitter Updates…Great Idea…

  6. Adam    Fri Mar 21, 06:29 PM #  

    wait a minute, what am I supposed to do this weekend?

  7. tjl    Sun Mar 23, 09:26 AM #  

    That was surprisingly riveting! I hope you do it again – v. good.

  8. Skip Van Cel    Sun Mar 23, 02:32 PM #  


  9. silvia    Mon Mar 24, 02:05 AM #  

    yea! where the hell is A-lesh!

  10. kenji    Thu Mar 27, 12:19 PM #  

    u probably have seen this video already but… spread the word, see bikes and motorcycles