Tuesday March 18, 2008

Check out John VanBeekum’s beautiful photos of Metrorail maintenance. And btw, we haven’t been keeping up with the heavier aspects of maintenance, so we’re looking at buying all new cars.

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  1. Chris    Tue Mar 18, 02:09 PM #  

    Photos like these is what helps make a publication world class.

    I don’t understand why the Herald’s online articles have such few pictures with low resolution.

    They can’t be that cheap that digital storage is limited. I’m sure these photographers have tons of photos to show.

  2. Crumbs    Wed Mar 19, 02:36 PM #  

    What’s with the Wachovia ad all over the metro cars?

  3. Crumbs    Wed Mar 19, 02:39 PM #  

    sorry – my previous comment should have said that it’s not directly related to the above photo