Monday March 17, 2008

Damn, have y’all seen Wormhole lately? Get down with the MySpace-fabulousity, Jose!

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  1. b.a.c.    Mon Mar 17, 05:22 PM #  

    I can’t read anything with that background….

  2. alesh    Mon Mar 17, 05:26 PM #  

    b.a.c.~ It’s the triumph of beauty over legibility. I love it. Hit Ctrl-A and you’ll be fine.

  3. b.a.c.    Mon Mar 17, 08:29 PM #  

    If I had to click ctrl-a for every web site wanting to be beautiful i wouldnt surf the web. SOrry but I hate annoying flash sites and ESPECIALLY sites with backgrounds that make the entire website impossible to read (or even scrolling up and down trying to find a break in the shitty background to read the end of a sentence).

  4. schlep    Mon Mar 17, 09:18 PM #  

    Agree with b.a.c….and it’s Blogger….yucky!

  5. Orbs of Death    Tue Mar 18, 02:10 AM #  

    I avoid websites with photo-backgrounds and also those with black backgrounds and lighter text. I never read ‘em! They’re eye killers.

  6. tjl    Tue Mar 18, 08:39 AM #  

    Takes too much energy to read it with that background. I’ll take your word that its good, but I can’t be bothered.