Thursday March 13, 2008

A crocodile lives by the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, and that’s where he’s staying, because a “normally acting crocodile under six feet does not pose a threat to people’s safety.” Ahh, man and nature living side by side in perfect harmony.

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  1. b.a.c.    Thu Mar 13, 01:27 PM #  

    Not if the coral gables people have their way!

  2. Mike aka mefx1    Thu Mar 13, 02:20 PM #  

    Some prick in the gables is going to try to kill it, mark my words…someone get Manny Puig out of the Carreta and save this lil’ guy!!!

  3. Mikhail    Thu Mar 13, 02:40 PM #  

    I live in a townhouse community in East Kendall. We have a lake on the property that, through underground pipes, connects to a large canal. We have a good sized gator that lives in the lake. It often crawls up onto the bank and suns.

    Problem #1. The bank that it suns itself on is where our community pool is.

    Problem #2. The pool often has kids in it.

    Problem #3. Stupid people feed it hot dogs!!!!

    Chances are this gator wouldn’t touch anyone but with the future Darwin Award recipients that live in the community (the ones who feed it hot dogs), it’s becoming less afraid of people. This is going to end badly.

    We’ve contacted the state wildlife office, they’ve stated that they won’t touch it, until it becomes a nuisance.

  4. b.a.c.    Thu Mar 13, 03:08 PM #  

    Gators are much different than crocodiles when comparing attacks on humans. But damn those people are stupid….

    Does your pool have a fence? A good fence should keep the kiddies adequately safe.

  5. alex    Thu Mar 13, 03:23 PM #  

    Key line in the article:

    “Never, Hord added, has there been a documented bite of a person in Florida by an American crocodile.”

    Meanwhile those same fearful parents are putting tehir children out on a bay filled with drunks in speedboats and jetskis.

  6. Mikhail    Thu Mar 13, 03:35 PM #  


    Damn stupid is right!

    They just installed a fence a few months ago. Mind you the gator has been there for a couple of years. That said, the fence won’t help much, because you can easily get around it and walk along the bank of the lake.

  7. kelly    Fri Mar 14, 12:11 PM #  

    I was at the sailing club a few weeks ago on a friday evening and witnessed the crocodile drag a wading bird into its hiding spot. it was pretty cool. i hope they let the croc stay.

  8. Carlos Miller    Fri Mar 14, 02:45 PM #  

    The Grove is not the Gables.

    I heard of this story a few weeks back because I was at the Sailing Club at a filmmakers group.

    One item that deserves a mention is how the City of Miami refuses to extend the lease of the Coconut Grove Sailing Club.

    Obviously, they have future plans for that site that does not include the Sailing Club.