Wednesday March 12, 2008

Coppertone Girl

Coppertone girl miami

In the Biscayne Times last from week, Margaret Griffis has an article about the search for a new home for the Coppertone girl, above (not the first time she’s written about this). The gist is that the original location doesn’t want her anymore, so they’re looking for a new spot, possibly the MiMo area of Biscayne, and also the sign needs serious restoration. Which is all fine, but do any old-timers out there remember the much cooler, much bigger, and mechanized version of this sign that hung over the Golden Glades exit onto 163rd Street in the 80s? Can’t seem to find a photo or reference to it anywhere…

Image: fucking useless.


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  1. AM    Wed Mar 12, 11:16 AM #  

    I remember the moving Coppertone sign, I was a little girl and it was something I looked forward to seeing when we were on long trips on I-95. I wish I had a picture of it! I think it should be moved closer to the beaches, “welcome to Miami beach and it’s history”

  2. Carlos Miller    Wed Mar 12, 05:51 PM #  

    As a little boy, I remember being turned on by the Coppertone Girl.

    And I’ve been a butt man ever since.

  3. Tere    Thu Mar 13, 10:33 AM #  

    To get to the motel my family rented at every summer, we’d have to take the 163rd exit. Seeing that girl was the highlight of what felt like a long-ass drive.

    I also seem to remember a minitiature golf course on 163rd that had all these big, colorful characters at each hole… yes? no?

  4. Syed    Thu Mar 13, 04:15 PM #  

    Yes the miniature golf course was the Cloverleaf game room. It had video games and on the outside they had the miniature golf course. I am almost sure it was called the Cloverleaf. I may be wrong. I remember it because my cousin lived down that way and after leaving the game room my uncle would take us to the “Coney Island” restaurant there on 163rd.

  5. tb    Thu Mar 13, 04:23 PM #  

    yup it was definately called the family would also eat at coney island or LUMS on 163rd..great memories