Monday March 10, 2008

Another video of an Alley Cat Bike Race. Looks like fun. (via)

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  1. gomez    Mon Mar 10, 11:38 AM #  

    yes! the loose cannons race is fun. but chugging colt 45 on the side of the road is not…=(

    theres another alley cat coming up for anyone interested. its a benefit for take back the land

    meet up: lincoln rd & washington on south beach
    registration: 5pm
    starts: 6:30pm
    5$ buy in and bring a bag/ backpack!

    then after party…im not too sure where thats gonna be

    march 22nd

  2. alesh    Mon Mar 10, 12:15 PM #  

    This is all very nice, but is there some sort of reliable source for this information? Provocateur clearly got it, and I got an e-mail day of (which listed an incorrect starting point), but it would be nice to be able to plan for this?

  3. kingofrance    Mon Mar 10, 12:48 PM #  

    there are fliers for the race in the bike shop at Fritz’s

  4. mae    Mon Mar 10, 02:47 PM #  

    its true. the after party’s at my house, but you’ll have to go through the race to find out where it is! its also a going away party for a few people i don’t know very well and a fundraiser for take back the land, who you might recall built the shantytown in liberty city.

  5. mae    Mon Mar 10, 02:48 PM #  

    oh, okay im just repeating information.but anyway, you should definitely t do the race, its going to be very fun!