Wednesday March 5, 2008

“I will NEVER patronize Taverna Opa South Beach for as long as I live, because I actually like to EAT food and not have napkins strewn all over the table while I am nibbling, much less have some skanky ho from Baltimore purloining a Mediterranean ethnicity while shaking her ass over my tzatziki.” — Manola, who was charged $3 more for a drink when a woman bartender served it to her then when a man did.

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  1. R.    Wed Mar 5, 08:09 PM #  

    yeah, last time I went there, everyone in the party made a beeline back home instead of meeting at the club.

    * makes sound of toilet flushing *

    and the food was not all that great to begin with.

  2. mek    Wed Mar 5, 09:36 PM #  

    agreed. watching 5 skanks jiggle on a 4 foot square table is not my idea of greek traditional folk dance or proper social vibe. opa needs to rethink their ambience. plus last time we went, rain was dripping onto our table from a leak in the roof and the waiter said the rain would pass and wouldn’t let us change our table. had to mash in as many skanks as possible and keep those tables rocking. yep we’re done there.