Monday March 3, 2008

“ahh! miami!” “do you watch nba?” “miami heat!” “shaq!” — Things that people in Beijing tell Silvia when they hear she’s From Miami.



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  1. Squathole    Mon Mar 3, 10:21 PM #  

    Tell Silvia to remind her hosts that Shaq was traded to Phoenix. And how do you pronounce “nba”?

  2. que pollita!    Wed Mar 5, 01:15 AM #  

    Hey, Squathole, they pronounce it, ‘en bee ay’.
    In the midst of Chinese, ‘en bee ay’ sounds pretty funny. Just like that time in Miami when I sat next to a group of people speaking Chinese… it was a lot of Chinese then all of a sudden one of them said ‘hurricane shutters’ then a whole bunch of Chinese again.