Monday February 25, 2008

Tamarind juice

This tamarind juice was delicious, about the consistency of peach nectar. Very sweet, as it should have been — it contains high fructose corn syrup, which, along with the fact that it contains mostly water (30% actual tamarind juice) should have disqualified it from the “Juice” label. Oh well. I bought mine at Fruit and Spice Park, but it’s probably also available at Caribbean markets all over town.

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  1. Duran    Mon Feb 25, 01:50 PM #  

    Tamarind is actually VERY tart and the best juice doesn’t overpower the tartness of the fruit with the sweetener. My mom used to make juice with the fruit all the time because we used to have a tamarind tree.

  2. WTF!    Mon Feb 25, 05:09 PM #  

    A post about tamarind juice. You have such an exciting life.

  3. alesh    Mon Feb 25, 08:10 PM #  

    I biked down to F&SP, and no cheating with MetroRail this time, and treated myself to fancy juice as a reward. Not exciting, but not too bad. It’s tropical, so it’s worth a post. Who else is going to write about it?

    Duran~ I Colombia they have tamarind candy, which is basically just the stuff with a bunch of powder sugar… I agree that straight juice would be undrinkable without some sweetener. Yum!

  4. Dayngr    Mon Feb 25, 11:40 PM #  

    Never seen this before. Interesting!

  5. Carolina    Tue Feb 26, 03:11 PM #  

    You too can make your own tamarindo drink at home. Publix sells the frozen pulp. Blend it with water and a bit of sugar and you got yourself a tropical drink minus the corn syrup. You can even pour it into popsicle molds and freeze them and you got yourself a home made treat.

  6. alesh    Tue Feb 26, 03:19 PM #  


    You forgot to mention the vodka. You mix it with VODKA!!

  7. Carolina    Tue Feb 26, 03:28 PM #  

    Vodka! Yes, of course, how could I forget.

    Alesh is a lush.