Monday February 25, 2008

Crazy video of the Miami Alleycat bike race. Via Rick to whom: 1) Where did you get the idea that this is a Critical Mass event? and 2) How is it a cyclist’s fault that some pedestrian walks out into the street without looking?

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  1. Rick    Mon Feb 25, 07:00 AM #  

    Alesh: Okay, so we’ll address this over here and not at the post.

    If you had followed the link I posted you would have seen that Miami-Forum identified it as a CM event.

    And I never said it was the cyclist’s fault. I said “he ran into him,” which is, I think, technically correct. Although with the way you like to do gymnastics with semantics, you probably feel like I should have said that the pedestrian walked out in front of the cyclist or “into the cyclist’s path.” Whatever.

    Next time, try commenting at the post and we can work out some of these details before I have to come over and address them here.


  2. alesh    Mon Feb 25, 07:14 AM #  

    Wow. Old theory: Rick is a guy who blogs from work. New theory: Rick is a staff of two dozen, blogging around the clock monitoring EVERYTHING at ALL times, responding INSTANTLY.

    Anyway. What was this supposed to mean?: “Is this what Critical Mass is all about?”

  3. Rick    Mon Feb 25, 07:20 AM #  

    Dude, nice dodge. So now that I’ve answered your questions you have more?

    Apparently, since you are now keeping track, I am at home having breakfast. Granola. Raisins. Bananas. OJ.

    More bike posts!!!! Please!!!


  4. the judge    Mon Feb 25, 08:59 AM #  

    you obviously didn’t read the post very well, alesh.

    you need to stop letting dickheads bother you so much, rick.

  5. john spain    Mon Feb 25, 02:01 PM #  

    From Wikipedia:
    While the ride was originally founded with the idea of drawing attention to how unfriendly the city was to bicyclists … the leaderless structure of Critical Mass makes it impossible to assign it any one specific goal.

    To some: Critical Mass is about riding and drawing attention to bikes as an alternate form of transportation.
    To others: It’s about celebrating bike culture (or, to the cynical, riding and drinking)

    There were actually two Critical Mass events that day: One run by Emerge Miami and the Alley Cat race that night. Photos from the former are here for the curious:

  6. Rick    Mon Feb 25, 07:33 PM #  

    Oh. So it was a Critical Mass event.

    Imagine that.


  7. George    Mon Feb 25, 08:33 PM #  

    Rick, thanks for pointing out the source! I guess after he read about the race, Critical decided to go search for it on youtube instead of just clicking the link?

  8. Carlos Miller    Mon Feb 25, 09:27 PM #  

    Pedestrians have the right of way.

    We saw on video how clearly distracted this cyclist was after he had his beer.

    If you can’t handle your beer, then stay off the damn road.

  9. Rick    Mon Feb 25, 09:57 PM #  

    Who knows, George. I’ve given up trying to figure out how the guy thinks.


  10. alesh    Mon Feb 25, 10:11 PM #  


    You are incorrect. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on zebra-stripe crosswalks in Europe and maybe in the US too, but this guy wandered out into the middle of the street without looking. Had he looked, he’d have seen the bikes, which had their lights on.


    The point is that the tone of your post was bullshit. But have it your way, dude: YES the fucking point of Critical Mass is running into pedestrians (and take note: one of the reasons I don’t choose to comment on your site is that “profanity” is “banned”).

    Also: you and George are confused about semantics surrounding the word “source.” Miami Forum embedded the video in their blog, but is not in any way the source.

  11. Carlos Miller    Mon Feb 25, 10:26 PM #  


    If the cyclist hadn’t been so fucking distracted, he would have been able to avoid the pedestrian. But they both ended up like deers in headlights.

  12. The cyclist    Mon Feb 25, 11:27 PM #  

    It was not the cyclist’s fault at all. The man walked in the street without looking 10:30 on a Saturday night. Then, he saw the cyclist and made a horrible reaction by jumping back into the cyclist’s path. I had no time to react.

    The ground tasted good.

  13. Carlos Miller    Mon Feb 25, 11:50 PM #  

    From what I saw, the guy just stood there with this wide eyed look of terror in his eyes.

    You could have braked, you could have swerved left, you could have swerved right.

    You panicked and ran right into him.

    I would have been so pissed if I were that guy.

  14. Rick    Tue Feb 26, 06:46 AM #  

    Alesh: I think it’s a salient question to ask whether Critical Mass is all about tearing through the streets of Miami at night and drinking beer and smoking weed (yeah, listen real close to the audio).

    I apologize if you can’t comment without vulgarities. Themz are the rulz.

    I gotta ask you, Gizmo, who is the “source” of the video? Is it YouTube? Maybe it’s the cyclist who took the video? Whoever it is, you didn’t bother to follow the link to determine where I got the info that it was a Critical Mass ride and immediately jumped on me.

    Why am I even wasting my time with this crap?



  15. alesh    Tue Feb 26, 07:49 AM #  


    I’ll bet the ground tasted good. Could have been a lot worse — that idiot could have been in a car.


    Go look at the video again. What you see is very clear — some idiot walking out into the street without looking.

    He’s riding in a figgin’ pack of bicycles. The only way to swerve is to swerve into another bike. Didn’t your mommy tell you to look both ways before crossing the street?

  16. Carlos Miller    Tue Feb 26, 10:45 AM #  


    You know what my mommy taught me. To ride a bike in a defensive manner, to always be on the lookout for unexpected cars pulling in front of me.

    And that goes for people too.

    Even if the guy did walk into the street, and he was probably drunk, the cyclist should be alert and react accordingly.

    That didn’t happen in this case.

  17. another guy on a bike    Wed Feb 27, 01:47 PM #  

    the pedestrian came out from between two parked cars without looking, after noticing the cyclist he took a step backwards. the cyclists mistake was that instead of cutting off the pedestrian in his walking path (on the left) he tried to go behind him, but pedestrian stepped back right into the cyclist new path. pedestrian was drunk, i was there, i saw this happen. this event was not organized by critical mass and is not similar to any of the critical mass events in s. florida, some critical mass guys helped the out of towners who organized it with ideas/directions but it was a race.. not some critical mass “let’s make a statement” bike ride..

  18. anonymous    Wed Mar 5, 05:10 PM #  

    race tonight @10pm, starts at the Deuce

  19. Tiburon '08    Wed Mar 5, 05:11 PM #  

    Jeez, I really hope the next time these jerks try this, a fucking 18-wheeler comes storming down the street and takes them all out.

    And Alesh, put the roadkill pix up on your website, please.