Tuesday February 19, 2008

marlins stadium renderings

Proposed Marlins stadium renderings. More here. Other images at Transit Miami and the Sentinel. Update: Like you needed reminding that public funding for ballparks was a bad idea?

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  1. joel    Tue Feb 19, 11:11 PM #  

    I’d like to quote the sentinel…
    “Marlins new home?
    Artist rendering of a proposed 38,000-seat retractable roof ballpark in downtown Miami, opening in 2008. (February 9, 2005)”
    and when can we expect the metrorail to expand west? early 09?

  2. Biscayne Bystander    Wed Feb 20, 01:38 AM #  

    Nice link to Miami Today. Loved the closing statement:

    The only real payback the ballpark contract gives the public is two free private suites and 22 box seats at each Marlins game — a seat for each commissioner, mayor and manager, plus private suites for their handlers and financial supporters.

    On the other hand, maybe that’s the reason to sign. It’s rotten policy at far too high a cost with no ceiling in sight, but at least our public officials would be amply cared for. If the stadium belongs to the public, officials wouldn’t even have to list their free seats as gifts. Going to games would just become part of the job. And the public would pay for that, too.

  3. Mike aka MEFX1    Wed Feb 20, 02:09 PM #  

    Put all the bullshit aside…the design of the stadium looks impressive. Kudos to the architect…it’s no Frank Gehry but pretty awesome for Miami standards.

    and as for the real nature of your post…this is just history repeating itself.