Tuesday February 19, 2008

37 photographs of hostesses at South Beach restaurants.

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  1. Mike aka MEFX1    Wed Feb 20, 01:33 PM #  

    I could put money that i could guess who the “Mango’s” host is…oh let me guess!!!! hmmmmm…..

  2. owenized    Wed Feb 20, 05:14 PM #  

    what about http://flickr.com/photos/fodder/676596267/

  3. alesh    Wed Feb 20, 05:28 PM #  

    You can’t give enough props to Carlos. But at this point, isn’t anyone remotely interested in photography (or hot girls) already just following his stream? I guess I could add it to the links…

  4. owenized    Wed Feb 20, 08:36 PM #  

    Wasn’t touting Carlos’ body of work per se. Moreso just this one body.

  5. mapache    Fri Feb 22, 12:24 PM #  

    Recently want to Mangos and it Is soooo much fun.
    It really Rocks!

  6. fqua    Sun Feb 24, 08:56 PM #  

    I was expecting hotter womenz