Wednesday February 13, 2008

Idiot Sun-Sentinel columnist ‘doesn’t get’ why evolution should be taught in public schools but not intelligent design. Unbelievable how low this newspaper is sinking. Dear Broward residents: I know the Herald leaves something to be desired, but no comparison to this crap, and they have a whole separate Broward edition! (via Bob Norman)

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  1. Duran    Wed Feb 13, 02:56 PM #  

    I believes da world iz flat and everyting revlves round da earth.

  2. Steve    Wed Feb 13, 02:56 PM #  

    Hey — She specifically says she’s not a scientist. Cut her some slack. Then hang her dumb ass with it.

  3. nonee moose    Thu Feb 14, 12:40 PM #  

    Sounds like you guys got all the answers. Me, I always got one more question.

  4. alesh    Thu Feb 14, 01:32 PM #  

    nonee~ What’s your question?

  5. nonee moose    Thu Feb 14, 01:40 PM #  

    don’t know yet. i need an answer first…

    PS- i may have been a c-section.

  6. Sun-Slantinel    Thu Feb 14, 01:53 PM #  

    United States of Jeebus.