Tuesday February 12, 2008

February Artwalk

February Artwalk Wynwood

Blackbooks’ spectacular show at Spinello — no stencils, all wood cuts. With the help of a computer and laser, images are precision-cut out of the top layer of a piece of painted wood. The results tend to speak for themselves, and note that this technique gets extended into sculpture and other media with, presumably, the use of a jigsaw.

February Artwalk Wynwood

Swarm the freshly-scrubbed art collectors!

February Artwalk Wynwood

Charley Friedman’s show at Gallery Diet was a bit unfocused, but there’s no arguing with larger-then-life nipple photos and Q-tip sculptures.

February Artwalk Wynwood

Rene Barge and Gustavo Matamoros’ sound installation at Dorsch. This reminds me of the story where the Velvet Underground wanted to record a 24-hour piece of music, and then have their engineer do custom mixes of it for each listener, based on their personality… But seriously, it’s interesting how easily people seemed to take to the idea that the way sound activates a space is very similar to the way that paintings on a wall do. 24 channels, and you walk around to experience each one, but what you’re really doing is absorbing the whole thing as a continuous experience.

February Artwalk Wynwood

An uneven portrait show at Hardcore Art Space, but with some real standouts.

February Artwalk Wynwood

For example, Jordi Bernardo’s Tenerife. I don’t know if you can see the person standing off on the right side of the frame?

February Artwalk Wynwood

We close, as always, with Twenty Twenty (because the beer there never ever runs out). Amazing laser piece by Matthew Schriber.


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  1. Jose Costa    Tue Feb 12, 11:11 AM #  


    Can you please send me directions to this exhibit?

    Would love to attend!


    Jose Costa

  2. Aramis Gutierrez    Tue Feb 12, 11:58 AM #  

    I’m pretty sure that is Matthew Schriber’s laser at 20/20.

  3. alesh    Tue Feb 12, 01:43 PM #  

    Jose~ The galleries are around the Wynwood Art district… their site appears to be down right now but you should be able to google the names?

    Aramis~ Thanks!!