Monday February 11, 2008

bike for sale!

My bike, for sale! Seen in action here, and it includes all the accessories seen in both pictures. First $100 takes it. SOLD!



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  1. David    Mon Feb 11, 03:29 PM #  

    what size is it?

  2. alesh    Mon Feb 11, 04:54 PM #  

    Um… medium? Seriously, these department store bikes aren’t really sized, but it’s close to my Trek, which is a 54.

  3. tito    Mon Feb 11, 05:02 PM #  

    Why are you selling it? The google ads not paying off?

  4. alesh    Mon Feb 11, 09:31 PM #  

    tito~ Au contraire — the Google ads have been paying so well I’ve upgraded to one of these.

  5. b.a.c.    Tue Feb 12, 04:42 PM #  

    that trek website is DOPE! love the mouse scrolling zoom thing they got going. never seen that before

  6. alesh    Tue Feb 12, 05:02 PM #  

    Yeah, i like that. No idea how they do it, but it’s not flash.

    Easy to jump around between models too. Although one word of frustration — shopping for a real road bike is HARD. Every company has a few different “lines” and each one has a bunch of different models, and the features and components overlap in weird ways that are different from manufacturer to manufacturer, and only a few companies list prices on their websites, and the sales staff in bike shops are not nearly as knowledgeable as legend would indicate.

    I wanted a fast road bike with rack/fender mount points, and it took me weeks of research, the accumulation of a half dozen catalogs (which the shops are not that eager to give out), visits to I think in the end 8 dealers, and countless hours poring over websites. No fun, but the end result was thank god a good deal on a great bike.

  7. mkh    Tue Feb 12, 06:56 PM #  

    The zoom is fancy CSS and JS from these guys. I’ve seen it before, and it is quite slick.