Wednesday February 6, 2008

“While you’re drinking diet Snapple.” First of all, NSFW, even though all the f-bombs are beeped out. Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel have been an item for over 5 years, and this is a video she made for him for his 40th birthday. I get to post this because of a sketchy Miami connection: the clip was filmed at the Delano.

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  1. Duran    Wed Feb 6, 09:52 AM #  

    Ah I was so going to post this yesterday, but I got lazy.

  2. alesh    Wed Feb 6, 11:04 AM #  

    I’ve watched it three times and wasn’t going to let it go. Wish list: 1) an uncensored version 2) Y/T clip of the segment after they came back from break.

  3. nonee moose    Wed Feb 6, 02:13 PM #  

    Y/T? ‘Splain please…

    That bit almost reached meta-humor level. Good stuff.

  4. alesh    Wed Feb 6, 04:05 PM #  

    Y/T = YouTube. I realize I’m late to the party with this clip but better late then never.

    I would also like to say that I have had this song stuck in my head for the last 48 hours, which sucks.

  5. cb    Wed Feb 6, 05:08 PM #  

    They played the uncensored version yesterday on Howard Stern. He’s apparently very good friends with Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel.

  6. nonee moose    Thu Feb 7, 08:24 AM #  

    Damon and Kimmel have a running gag on the show. Damon has become the designated “bump” on the show, being regularly left off the broadcast because they “ran out of time”. This is just the latest “payback”.