Tuesday February 5, 2008

Larry Lebowitz on the Metrorail expansion’s serious problems: The US DoT is lowering its “rating” on the North corridor expansion and yanking is $700 million for the project, throwing the whole system into turmoil: “[T]he Federal Transit Administration will be lowering the rating because of the county’s inability to maintain and modernize the entire system after 2015. If the county can’t afford to pay for the transit system after the $1.3 billion North opens, why would it be able to do so for the $2.2 billion East-West?”

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  1. Carlos Miller    Tue Feb 5, 05:26 PM #  

    Is there anything that these city and county officials can do right? Anything?

    It’s not a joke anymore. These people are destroying our community by not allowing it to progress.

    The Metrorail expansion should have happened years ago.