Tuesday February 5, 2008

Around the Redlands

A few photos from a bicycle trip around the Redlands a couple of weekends ago:

I think this is a field of little plots where folks in the surrounding developments can have little vegetable gardens. One-way streets crisscross and for now it’s very barren and abandoned.

There really are more nurseries then farms, though plenty of each.

And yes, plenty of suburban hell here too. Some of it recent, but plenty of it is classic 70s and 80s vintage. Unlike Miami, folks cruise around on ATVs for fun.

Actually, this is South Miami. Another cute old house on the chopping block. Is that limestone construction, does anyone know?

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  1. chris hind    Fri Feb 8, 08:46 AM #  

    I’m out in homestead. I love the redlands and I’d love to move out there eventually and be surrounded by the agriculture. tropical fruit growing is an interest of mine but presently im stuck in a townhouse with a bunch of potted plants.
    moved here from los angeles 3 yrs ago.

  2. Aramis Gutierrez    Sat Feb 9, 06:41 PM #  

    Pepe Mar and my studios are across the street (at The Deering Estate) from the two houses about to be demolished by the red bull dozer. His new body of work is being made largely from the debris of these two houses. Something good came out of it.