Monday February 4, 2008

Not only is Dogma some litigious bastards, but they’ll totally serve you beef if you order turkey and turkey if you order veggie-dogs and think nothing of it. Bah!

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  1. Carlos Miller    Mon Feb 4, 06:19 PM #  

    It tasted good and moist, unlike the bland white meat they stuff into hot dog casing.

    It looks like they did him a favor.

  2. Carlos Miller    Mon Feb 4, 06:22 PM #  

    Ooops. EAT is actually a her.

    I guess Dogma is just bad karma.

  3. somerightsreversed    Mon Feb 4, 11:16 PM #  

    I’ve had their hot dogs a couple of times. They are below ordinary. Their chili tastes like canned chili. I don’t understand why some people like that place.

  4. Sticking up for Dogma...    Tue Feb 5, 11:12 AM #  

    I like it. The fries are good, and the dogs are good.

    Bonus: I’ve never felt ill after eating their dogs, unlike the street vendor fare Dwntwn. Bleh.

    Double bonus: Men in uniforms. I’ve never been to Dogma when at least one table of police or firemen didn’t show up.

  5. Carlos Miller    Tue Feb 5, 12:13 PM #  

    Double bonus: Men in uniforms. I’ve never been to Dogma when at least one table of police or firemen didn’t show up.

    Double warning: Considering Dogma is a block from where I was arrested, this is another reason to avoid that place.

    The first reason is that story about the sunglasses.

  6. Robert    Tue Feb 5, 01:31 PM #  

    dogma is good! i eat beef dogs. if your a vegetarian you shouldn’t be going to dogma anyways. go eat your lettuce and tofu.

  7. Sticking Up for Dogma...    Tue Feb 5, 01:36 PM #  

    Yeah, but Carlos Miller, we all know you’re a trouble making photographer!

    Firemen don’t arrest people. They save people, and make calendars.

  8. Carlos Miller    Tue Feb 5, 01:53 PM #  

    Sticking up for Dogma,

    Fireman are cool. Some cops are cool. The cops on that beat have proven not to be cool.

  9. skipvancel    Wed Feb 6, 08:30 AM #  

    Costco has the best hotdogs.

  10. Sticking up for Dogma...    Wed Feb 6, 10:50 AM #  

    Dude, skipvancel, I don’t know about their hot dogs, but Costco has a great invention called a “chicken-bake”…

    The greasy, cheesy, hot-pockety goodness, along with a mixed berry smoothie, and I am ready to buy a gallon of pickles!

  11. Lolo    Wed Feb 6, 04:28 PM #  

    I usually stick up for Dogma but am pretty unimpressed (and kind of offended) at the fact that it’s now a whole extra dollar if you want a veggie dog. If meat wasn’t subsidized by the government to begin with a “real” hot dog would cost way more than it’s soybean counterpart.

    Weird that they’d change that after having all dogs at the same price for 5+ years. I still eat at Dogma, just less often…