Friday February 1, 2008

Things not looking so hot for our pal John Timoney. Docked a week’s pay ($4,348, which if you’re all mathematical means his yearly salary is $226,000) plus a little extra, and he’s been persuaded to testify before the citizen’s panel, which makes recommendations to the city commission. Update: Actually, he didn’t testify. Can you believe this asshole?!

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  1. Allen    Fri Feb 1, 09:11 AM #  

    Aww what a shame!! Poor guy, makes a quarter mil of our tax dollars and now he actually has to pay for his car!!! The nerve of his employers! Jerk.

  2. Hendriks    Sat Feb 2, 12:34 AM #  

    if you think that is a slap on the wrist, please don’t forget the “hard” time his son had to do for being caught trying to buy $500,000 worth of marijuana…while his accomplice seems to be serving the time for both of them. This family has it too easy, they will never be in any real trouble, they are too well connected.

  3. alesh    Tue Feb 5, 07:53 AM #  

    Update: Actually, he didn’t testify. Can you believe this asshole?!

  4. Burned    Tue Feb 5, 05:33 PM #  

    Unfortunately, it looks more and more like, generally speaking, police people have, uh, serious issues (to put it as blandly as possible). Of course they’re not all the same, but, for starters, there’s a major power-trip component which surfaces all too frequently to be a coincidence. The fact they’re supposed to be public servants apparently has not been sufficiently emphasized, to say the least. Not a good situation.

  5. Central Casting    Tue Feb 5, 08:15 PM #  

    The asshole, as you put it, can only get away with such behavior because he’s been given the leeway to do so. I expect he knows how far he can push the envelope, and evidently it’s pretty far.

    I think part of the problem is that he fits the “right” stereotype to a T, even if it’s all a matter of perception as opposed to reality. If he were some generic Hispanic type who’d done exactly the same thing, I’m fairly certain he’d have been canned or persuaded to resign by now. But he sure looks the part.