Friday February 1, 2008

Fair weekend

antique fair





Image: alanshov.

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  1. Sara    Fri Feb 1, 09:15 AM #  

    Persepolis is easily one of the best films I’ve seen all year. Caught it this summer at a film fest in Israel. Highly recommended. Although when I saw it the subtitle text was in white, which, considering the film is in black and white animation, caused some problems. Hope they’ve fixed that.

  2. Chris    Fri Feb 1, 10:42 AM #  

    Is the Miami Modernism show honestly not worth going to?

    I had made a note in my calendar months ago to remind myself about it, but I really don’t know what to expect. Then again I really didn’t expect thrift store prices with a $10 entrance either.

  3. alesh    Fri Feb 1, 10:46 AM #  

    On a related note, I saw the DVD of “A Mighty Heart,” and it just seemed like I wasn’t supposed to know what half the people were saying. Then, at some point I turned on the subtitles, but it turned them on for both the foreign and the english dialog. WTF, subtitles?

    Chris~ Don't mind me; I'm wast being grumpy! It's probably worth going even if you're not planning on buying anything -- the more extreme of that era is some crazy stuff.

  4. mkh    Fri Feb 1, 12:02 PM #  

    I saw Persepolis Monday. It is a marvelous and inventive film, and well worth seeing. I’m even considering going back to see it again. (The original graphic novel is also great.)

  5. dana    Fri Feb 1, 12:02 PM #  

    the bluegrass thing behind krop is always bumpin’

  6. Duran    Fri Feb 1, 01:57 PM #  

    Alesh, first M.I.A. now Girl Talk. Do you not believe in buying tickets in advance?

  7. alesh    Fri Feb 1, 02:18 PM #  

    I went online yesterday and they were sold out!