Thursday January 31, 2008

A great article on the state of cycling in Miami in the New Times. Good news: a burgeoning bicycle-activist movement, lots of riders. Bad news: complete apathy and ineptitude by city planners (I still can’t get over the fact that they re-did Biscayne from scratch and didn’t include bike lanes).



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  1. joel    Thu Jan 31, 10:37 AM #  

    The new extension of nw 127 av from 12th to 25th has a bike lane, although construction is not finished yet. There’s also a new bike path from 107th to almost 87th, just north of the dolphin, although, like in the article, the path simply ends in the approach to an intersection, leaving the cyclist in the middle of the road.
    I bike regularly and have attended the saturday rides. Miami has some deeply rooted problems that are going to take years and a cultural change that will allow it to come to a place to be not only tolerant, but embracing of a cycling as a valid form of transportation. Bike lanes help and critical mass is great, but the light at the end of the tunnel is not around the corner.

  2. TJL    Thu Jan 31, 11:36 AM #  

    Have you gone to Shark Valley yet? Awesome.

  3. swampthing    Thu Jan 31, 07:17 PM #  

    To see the splendor at shark valley park, be the first one there at sunrise (folks spook the critters) bicycle seven miles along a path flanked on both sides with the river of grass replete with wildlife, arrive at a jetsons-like look-out tower chill then seven miles back.

    on a sad note there ought to be bike paths along our beaches but there ain’t. it is a long-time shame and not surprising that pseudo private places like Bal Harbor restrict cyclist along the public beach.