Wednesday January 30, 2008

Ye election results: YES on slot machines, YES on the property tax amendment, YES on the Miami “bill of rights,” McCain, Clinton, and of course it wouldn’t be elections in Florida without some clusterfuck disenfranchisement.

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  1. I was there    Wed Jan 30, 12:46 PM #  

    My vote went down the toilet yesterday when I “voted” on North Beach on Miami Beach.

    I left pissed off and angry, especially when the people at the polling station acknowledged that the machine I used malfunctioned earlier in the day!

    I asked why they allowed other people to vote on the same machine that they knew was faulty!

    I am now tempted to become a COMMUNIST!

  2. Only very marginally related...    Wed Jan 30, 12:51 PM #  

    I was approached outside a South Beach polling station by a very nice gentleman yesterday, asking that I Vote NO on Amendment 2 in November (the “marriage is between one man and one woman” amendment)….

    Except the way I perceived it, I thought he was an especially polite neo-con supporting Amendment 2! I am glad I asked for, and took his literature (which I only did to be polite and non-confrontational in lieu of signing the petition).

    This Amendment has no business being in Florida’s constitution, IMO.