Wednesday January 30, 2008

I’m sure glad they just got done putting up these custom-made signs. I fully expect that Adrienne will have the tact to insist on less obnoxious signage.



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  1. Robert M    Wed Jan 30, 02:48 PM #  

    what’s wrong with that? if i had paid 20 million i’d want my name on the building too.

    it’s actually not so bad.

  2. b.a.c.    Wed Jan 30, 03:43 PM #  

    Agree, I don’t mind the design.

  3. alesh    Wed Jan 30, 04:25 PM #  

    For those that haven’t been following along: the Center went almost a year with NO signage. Then they got those grey signs that looked painted on. These signs, huge, expensive, and NEW, were obviously installed WHILE the negotiations with Arsch were going on. Now they’re scrap. No big deal, but ironic, no?

    Note also that Carnival had the Center return half their donation when the name change was announced.

  4. Joe    Wed Jan 30, 05:50 PM #  

    I’m completely opposed to these naming arrangements. Structures such as this should be named after something that the MIAMI public can identify with, not someone’s ego. If they can’t find the funds to build it without selling its namesake, maybe it shouldn’t have been built at all.

    What’s next? Buying your way onto Mt. Rushmore next to Abe and Teddy?

  5. Robert M    Wed Jan 30, 06:26 PM #  

    Don’t you know everything has a price. Just like people that run around naked with Golden Palace on their chest.

    If it weren’t for contributions, most tax payers are too cheap to give money to cultural buildings. They’d rather spend it on their credit card bills.

    I’m glad that the PAC is there and we can still bring some culture to our city. Instead of just half naked, drunk, people on South Beach. Miami has alot more to offer if we had priorities straight.

    If you haven’t noticed sports arenas are all sponsored buildings. These buildings don’t just run for free. They need money. And i don’t think a Martin Short theatrical appearance is going to pay the rent.

  6. Martin Short    Wed Jan 30, 06:31 PM #  

    Wanna make a bet?


  7. Joe    Wed Jan 30, 07:38 PM #  

    As I recall, the Carnival Center cost around $473 million to build and was 90% funded by hotel bed taxes collected by Miami-Dade County, which means that all those “half naked, drunk, people on South Beach” you derisively refer to actually paid for most of the Center’s cost since Miami Beach is where most of the hotels are.

    Also, since this (very generous) individual donated $30 million, but those “cheap” tax payers coughed up the rest, I believe your statement “most tax payers are too cheap to give money to cultural buildings” is incorrect.

  8. Robert M    Thu Jan 31, 01:22 PM #  

    point taken.
    at least their money went for a better cause than $20 drinks in plastic cups at the Shoreclub.

  9. Joe    Thu Jan 31, 09:16 PM #  

    …or those really groovy wrist-bands… <G>