Tuesday January 29, 2008

Black Sapote

Black sapote

Got some Black Sapote with my CSA share last week. They’re green when they arrive, and took about a week to ripen. Ripe in this case means looking really rough. When they get all black and ultra-soft — in other words, like they’re ready to be thrown out — that’s when they’re good to eat. You slice it open and eat it with a spoon.

The taste and flavor is indeed uncannily like chocolate pudding, but make no mistake, this is fruit, and there are way too many unhealthy things in actual pudding that give it an unfair edge. Sapote tastes like fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding, delicious and just a little strange.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the second one. The webernets recommend using it in baking, but that’s a non-starter with me. It would be improved basically by adding sugar and some sort of fat to it, maybe mixed with cream in a blender, but that sort of recommends getting some sort of alcohol involved in the mix, right? Some sort of Black Sapote rum drink? Suggestions?

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  1. Guv    Tue Jan 29, 09:21 AM #  

    The Black Sapote bread recipe that came in the CSA newsletter is not a super sweet bread, and there is no butter, etc. (just eggs).

    It’s like a brioche dough. I made a 1/2 recipe, one loaf pan, and used organic dried cherries.

    My only mistake was taking it out of the pan too soon. It needed to set up. Consequently, it squashed down flat! It still tastes nice, like a mildly sweet breakfast bread, and it’s very moist on the inside due to the fruit.

  2. Miami Danny    Tue Jan 29, 09:51 AM #  

    May I suggest a black sapote smoothie? Freeze the fruit solid by scooping it out then placing in a freezer bag. The next morning, throw fruit into blender with some almond or vanilla extract, a little lemon juice, some honey to taste (depending on how sweet the fruit is), and a pinch of salt. Blend. This works with most fruit, actually, and is great if you have some extra fruit around that is very ripe. Sometimes I add some non-fat Vanilla-flavored soy milk. Not as good as Gaby’s Farms sorbets or ice creams, but pretty easy to make at home.

  3. Paula    Tue Jan 29, 10:02 AM #  

    Great picture! I pretty much ate one whole and struggled with what to do with then next one. Its appearance inside is pretty scary but it tastes good and makes a good, hearty dessert. How about some sort of mousse? I found some easy black sapote recipes here (scroll down).

  4. Ms Calabaza    Tue Jan 29, 12:47 PM #  

    Great stuff Alesh,

    I remember having that when I lived in the Tropics. It was great. Aren’t they also called nispero? Or is that another fruit?

  5. Alex    Tue Jan 29, 03:25 PM #  

    Different fruit. Níspero is loquat.

    In Cuba is used for shakes and puddings/flans. I guess you could use it in a rum cake -just add rum to whatever cake recipe you find. Also, crazy idea: maybe puree it and use it instead of chocolate for a mole sauce?

  6. Ms Calabaza    Tue Jan 29, 11:13 PM #  

    thanks Alex.

  7. warlaur    Wed Jan 30, 12:53 AM #  

    Great photo! I agree with Miami Danny on the smoothie. If I remember correctly, I once had black sapote ice cream at Fairchild. So good…

  8. Blingtown    Wed Jan 30, 10:49 PM #  

    I don’t really understand smoothies, since they always seem like virgin daiquiris to me. That may be me though.

    So, here is a DRINK suggestion.

    Coconut cream (that is your fat).
    Sweetened Condensed milk, (cream & sugar)
    Possibly nutmeg to taste.
    Dark Rum- If you want sweet maybe Mazetlan, dry, try Barbancourt 3 or 5 star.

    This is a version of a great Puerto Rican Christmas time drink called a Coquito. Beats eggnog by miles.

  9. trina    Thu Jan 31, 08:53 PM #  

    Blingtown — that sounds fabulous.

    I ate my black sapote with sugar, cinnamon and lime juice.

  10. JD    Fri Feb 15, 12:08 PM #  


    If you’re from Colombia or Venezuela, you are probably thinking of sapodilla, not loquat, which is called nispero over there.

  11. Millie McCoy    Fri Mar 7, 08:40 PM #  

    I am looking for a bread recipe for black sapote?