Monday January 28, 2008

The Miami-Dade county-wide wireless plan has just got shitcanned.

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  1. nonee moose    Mon Jan 28, 10:30 AM #  

    No WM-D? This sounds strangely familiar…

  2. Carlos Miller    Mon Jan 28, 01:06 PM #  

    Good one, nonee.

    What the county should do is at least ensure free wireless at MIA.

    It’s such a pain in the ass when you’re sitting there waiting to board your plane, sipping your $5 bottle of water because they made you throw out your $1 bottle of water at the metal detector, or if you’re like me, sitting at the bar drinking a $10 pint of beer, to pull out your laptop, only to realize they want even more money to let you access the Internet.

    Free Internet at the airport would be one way to let tourists know that despite our hostile and lackadaisical customer service and despite our horrendous traffic and lack of decent public transportation and despite our labyrinth-like access roads to the airport — not to mention those ugly Britto shirts the AP workers are wearing — that we truly enjoyed their visit.